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MineRP Architecture & Integration

MineRP 4.0 is a platform designed to resolve three enterprise-level integration challenges:

Mining Technical Fragmentation

MineRP consolidates of the mining technical disciplines through Vertical Integration of the mining technical systems to obtain a complete, live Digital Twin of the entire mine and all its assets.  This removes operational decision making latency and provides one version of the truth to manage the business by.

Enterprise / Value Chain Fragmentation

MineRP breaks down Enterprise Silos through Horizontal (platform to platform) Integration. Having consolidated all mining actions, we translate these into Work Orders and Material Management Transactions, enabling the Financial Triplet in the ERP.

Enterprise Agility

MineRP delivers Competitiveness through Enterprise Agility by enabling automated, parametric planning, platform-to-platform robotic process automation, and unlocking AI and advanced analytics for predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics solutions to solve complex mining problems.

Specifically designed for resources industries, the MineRP Platform hosts several Platform Modules which deliver expert functionality.  These Platform modules go beyond suites of integrated applications by running directly inside the platform, sharing a common spatial database, centralized master data, workflow orchestration, security, automation and many other platform infrastructure capabilities.

In addition to the native Platform Modules, MineRP allows partner solutions to add to its functional capability by running on or with the Platform.  Basically, partner solutions running On MineRP share its master data and are fairly tightly connected through API's and functional extensions, acting as if they were a part of the MineRP Platform.  Partner solutions running With MineRP are able to robustly exchange data through MineRP InterOp – a vast improvement on mere Point-to-Point import / export data exchange.  


The component colour coding meaning:

  • WHITE – not part of MineRP – external to MineRP software stack, but integral to an end-to-end solution.

  • RED – licensed as part of the MineRP software stack. Generally, a once-off software acquisition fee, with annual Software Assurance there-after for software updates and maintenance.

  • LIGHT RED – components that are part of the framework, but with separate Service Fees.

MineRP 4.0 Components

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MineRP Core Logo.png

MineRP Core is the MineRP Spatial Resource Management platform's central administration portal and is used to manage configurations, settings, security, entity definitions, rendering rules and the like.  MineRP Core allows clients to configure enterprise security in line with accepted data management principles.

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MineForms is a Business Process Modelling tool for Workflow and simple data capturing.  MineForms allows clients to create web-based input screens for data not collected by current Mining Technical Systems (MTS), and/or to initiate fully auditable and traceable action management processes and workflows.

MineForms logo.png

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Toolsets designed for Mine Planning, including Mine Design, Sequencing and Scheduling, Parametric Design for most open-pit and underground mining methods, and optimization tools such as minable shape optimization, resource levelling and targeting/blending capabilities.


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Built on top of Explorer, MineRP Volumetric Science has all the capabilities required by a mining operation’s daily survey activities.  Having native access to the Mine Planning Datasets, design changes are made simple and easy.

Volumetric Science.png

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Enterprise capability to import and reference spatial data from most Geological packages and databases, and export back into a variety of formats. This enables & improves Corporate Resource and Production Geology.


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Work Manager is purpose-built for Short Interval Control (SIC) and deals with the immediate scheduling of Task and Resource assignments, i.e. People and Equipment.

MineRP Work Manager Logo-01-01.png

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MineRP has extensive experience with Integrated Risk Management Solutions.  Our G-Risk HSE solution has been discontinued in favor of collaboration with leading industry SHE and GRC solutions including IsoMetrix and even SAP HSE. 


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MineRP Extensibility framework is a framework for hosting specialized, discipline specific today's such as Mine Design, Volumetrics, Evaluation etc. As such it is a fundamental building block of the Platform that facilitates the collection and packaging of services for use by discipline specialists as mentioned.


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MineRP's comprehensive Draughting & CAD solution with mining specific productivity tools.  Facilitates printing, plotting and web-based publishing of views as well as workflow and authorization. Tightly integrated with MineRP Explorer, MineRP CAD allows users to visually interact with its integrated datasets.


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An integrated view into all datasets hosted by MineRP systems through a CAD-like database environment as configured by MineRP Core, including reference libraries, predefined Views, Layouts, and predefined Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) and spatial filters.


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The Interoperability (InterOp) component manages interoperability to all the non-MineRP “create applications” (industry expert systems such as geology, mine planning, survey and other tools), and live data feeds, like truck positions, with capabilities to map to the data definitions of spatial data entities in order to enable amalgamation and relation of data. 

InterOp Logo.png

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An extended Interoperability component that operates closely with MineRP InterOp.  InterOp+ adds additional capabilities to integrate and have certified interfaces to several ERP- and other systems.

InterOp+ Logo-01.png

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MineRP Platform contains extensive new evaluation features.  These include evaluation model building, integration to volumetric science, planning / scheduling and geoscience disciplines. This functionality offers several orders of magnitude improvement on the way evaluation is currently done in mining.

Evaluation Logo-01.png

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At the core of MineRP is MineRP SpatialDB, the enterprise spatial database powering the platform.  SpatialDB enables storage of, and spatial operations on both 2D and 3D spatial objects.  These spatial objects are stored in a standard Database Management System (DBMS), namely Microsoft SQL Server. 


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This solution is not priced with the MineRP 4.0 framework. 

It is an emerging solution that will focus on extending the MineRP Platform to the mining face via a collection of capabilities including edge-based computing, mobile wireless communication capabilities and more.

MineRP Connect Logo-01.png

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The MineRP CATe Database is a logical data store connecting the list of production and other planned activities (A) on the mine with the capabilities (resources doing work, locations where work is done and other limited entities constraining the amount or type of work that can be done) through a single Master Time Calendar.

MineRP CATeDB Logo-01.png

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MineRP MiODS is an intelligent Operational Data Store for spatial and non-spatial data.  MiODS includes a Persistent Staging Area, Meta Data Dictionary that describes all data entities and an Analysis Layer for creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

MineRP MiODS Logo.png

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MineRP will only be responsible for making the relevant data required for reporting purposes available to a Client who will then, in turn, be responsible for the development and maintenance of the actual reports using suitable reporting tools (e.g. Power BI).

External Reporting

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MineRP SpatialDash is a web-based, cloud-enabled interactive 2D spatial dashboard application that allows users to remain on top of all their operational KPIs.  SpatialDash combines actual technical mine or plant graphics with spatially related key performance indicators (KPIs) displayed as spatially located real-time graphs and charts. 


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SpatialPublisher allows for a technical Subject Matter Expert (SME) to build scenes of 3D data which can then be analyzed.  It was created for the purposes of sharing such scenes with business users who do not have access to, or the skills, to use the full power of SpatialAnalyzer ...


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MineRP SpatialAnalyzer is a web-based, cloud-enabled 3D spatial analytics client-side application for advanced three-dimensional analysis of spatially related data.  More than merely visualizing CAD data over the web, SpatialAnalyzer boasts a fully interactive spatial query designer and visualizer developed to assist Data Scientists with their task. 


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MineRP mobility exposes rich functionality of the MineRP Enterprise suite of applications for development on third party mobile platforms.  This enables the potential for users to interact with functionality traditionally offered by desktop applications in a user-friendly mobile application. 

MineRP Mobile-01.png

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Live Terrain is a real-time cloud based geospatial IoT platform that fuses Real-Time Geospatial data from any connected device and enables interoperability and sharing of the most precise and current Geospatial Data within mine operations, stakeholders, governments and the community at zero marginal cost. 

Live Terrain-01.png

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On-tap API-based Optimization Services, integrated with MineRP planning, scheduling, operations management tooling. Outsourced complex algorithms services, like Max NPV for planning, better blend, maximize equipment utilization, lower energy usage options, multi-variant prioritization, constraints testing, predictive modelling. Graphs.

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