MineRP 4.0 Platform Modules

MineRP Architecture & Integration

MineRP 4.0 is a platform designed to resolve three enterprise-level integration challenges:

Mining Technical Fragmentation

MineRP consolidates of the mining technical disciplines through Vertical Integration of the mining technical systems to obtain a complete, live Digital Twin of the entire mine and all its assets.  This removes operational decision making latency and provides one version of the truth to manage the business by.

Enterprise / Value Chain Fragmentation

MineRP breaks down Enterprise Silos through Horizontal (platform to platform) Integration. Having consolidated all mining actions, we translate these into Work Orders and Material Management Transactions, enabling the Financial Triplet in the ERP.

Enterprise Agility

MineRP delivers Competitiveness through Enterprise Agility by enabling automated, parametric planning, platform-to-platform robotic process automation, and unlocking AI and advanced analytics for predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics solutions to solve complex mining problems.

Specifically designed for resources industries, the MineRP Platform hosts several Platform Modules which deliver expert functionality.  These Platform modules go beyond suites of integrated applications by running directly inside the platform, sharing a common spatial database, centralized master data, workflow orchestration, security, automation and many other platform infrastructure capabilities.

In addition to the native Platform Modules, MineRP allows partner solutions to add to its functional capability by running on or with the Platform.  Basically, partner solutions running On MineRP share its master data and are fairly tightly connected through API's and functional extensions, acting as if they were a part of the MineRP Platform.  Partner solutions running With MineRP are able to robustly exchange data through MineRP InterOp – a vast improvement on mere Point-to-Point import / export data exchange.  


The component colour coding meaning:

  • WHITE – not part of MineRP – external to MineRP software stack, but integral to an end-to-end solution.

  • RED – licensed as part of the MineRP software stack. Generally, a once-off software acquisition fee, with annual Software Assurance there-after for software updates and maintenance.

  • LIGHT RED – components that are part of the framework, but with separate Service Fees.

MineRP 4.0 Components

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