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MineRP Planner is the world’s first platform-based parametric mine planning solution that brings mining into the 21st century.  Designed for any mining method or commodity, it includes Parametric Mine Design, Sequencing and Scheduling and Optimization Tools such as minable shape optimization, resource levelling, advanced schedule optimization and targeting/blending capabilities.

No more weeks spent on complicated CAD tools to create and sequence your designs.  MineRP Planner accesses your Geology, current positions, and other reference data, and parametrically implements your group mining standards to create automated design alternatives in minutes.

From resource modelling to pit-shell optimization or underground stope optimization, MineRP Planner has the power to completely transform the way you think about mine planning.

Inside MineRP Planner:


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Parametric Mine Design

Developing planning alternatives is now a question of tweaking input parameters and letting the system implement your rules to design fully sequenced design alternatives in minutes, not weeks or months.

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Powerful 3D Visualization, Reporting, and Sharing

Supporting centralised or decentralised planning teams, MineRP Planner allows plans to be shared over the web or mobile platforms through fully featured 3D visualization, animation and collaboration tools including EPS Viz, Spatial Analyzer and Spatial Publisher.

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Integrated Design, Sequence & Schedule

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MineRP Planner generates fully sequenced mine designs that are immediately available in our Enterprise Production Scheduler (EPS) for integrated, interactive visualization and scheduling.

The Best CAD Engine in the Industry

MineRP CAD implements an OEM version of AutoCAD running directly on our platform’s integrated spatial database.  Designed to handle large mining datasets with class-leading graphics performance, MineRP CAD filters and loads data, created, edits and renders spatial objects and does boolean operations like no other.


Lightning Fast Evaluation

Accurate multi-mineral evaluation has never been this powerful, nor this fast! Harnessing high-performance cloud computing, MineRP Planner delivers asynchronous evaluation capabilities in the background while you continue.

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Open Pit and Underground

Parametrically generate mine designs and schedules for any mining method or mineral commodity.

No need to use different tools for different mines – apply your MineRP Planner skill-sets whatever the challenge.


Centralised Spatial Information.  No more files and folders

MineRP Planner accesses any and all information needed for planning via MineRP InterOp and MineRP Explorer.  Plans generated in MineRP planner are versioned, managed and accessed easily through the platform, with no need to manage complex file and folder structures.

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Seamlessly Integrate 3rd party tools and Data

The MineRP Platform takes care of integrating with 3rd party mining, survey or CAD systems.  We’ll take care of the data while you take care of the engineering!

Integrated, Interactive Scheduling with MineRP Planner, EPS, EPS Viz and Elytica 

MineRP offers a very powerful version of the industry-leading EPS Gantt chart scheduler (specifically designed to handle the challenges of mine planning) which runs directly integrated with the MineRP Platform.  


MineRP Planner’s Enterprise Production Schedule capabilities are powerful, yet intuitive and flexible enough to handle the scheduling needs of any mine – irrespective of the mining method or mineral. 

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Unified Technical and Financial Planning and Control 

The MineRP Platform fully integrates Design, Sequence, Schedule, and Work Management in one, and takes this complete production sequence further into fully automated integration with ERP Systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and others. 

What this means is that mine plans and control and ERP planning and control are fully, bi-directionally unified – a patented process we refer to as Unified Business Planning. 

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Master Business Schedule 

Over and above the fast and reliable schedules with mining-specific algorithms that have always been its hallmark, EPS has is now fully integrated with the MineRP CATe (Capability, Activity, Time and Environment) database, which means that scheduling with MineRP goes beyond production activities, and also includes any non-production activities which have to be brought on to the schedule to arrive at a detailed, integrated operational schedule – or as we call it, a Master Business Schedule. 

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3D Visualization with Online and Offline Sharing and Collaboration  

MineRP offers a variety of 3D visualization and collaboration tools.  Immediately connected to the Mine Plan, MineRP’s EPS Viz offers fully interactive sequence/schedule / visualize / animate capabilities. 


Beyond the abilities offered by EPS Viz, the MineRP SpatialDash, SpatialAnalyzer and SpatialPublisher modules collectively provide the MineRP internet/web browser-based spatial analytic and reporting capabilities that enable up to real-time spatial reporting and analytics of spatially referenced data for mining.   

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Integrated Optimization with Elytica 

With MineRP, clients have access to Elytica’s on-tap, API-based Optimization Services, integrated with MineRP planning, scheduling, operations management tooling. 

Outsourced complex algorithms services, like Max NPV for planning, better blend, maximize equipment utilization, lower energy usage options, multi-variant prioritization, constraints testing, predictive modelling. 

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With MineRP Planner and EPS, each shift merely becomes the next shift in the life of mine plan of the mine.  MineRP’s Continuous Planning capability means that long- medium- and short-term planning are done on a single, fully integrated, flexible schedule.  

What this means is that the impact of changes in the short term plans are reflected in the medium- and long-term plans – allowing mining operations to understand the influence of operational changes on the strategic intent expressed by the mine plan. 

Work Manager extends the short-term plan done in MineRP Planner (EPS) into the shift. 

Purpose-built for Short Interval Control (SIC), it deals with the immediate scheduling of Work, scheduled in given workplaces and against appropriate resources. 


MineRP Work Manager is fully integrated with IoT and other production control platforms such as ERP systems and Fleet Management Systems to allow automated updating of progress on scheduled tasks, both in Work Manager itself, and backward into the Short-Term Plan. 

Integrated with MineRP Work Manager for Short Interval Control 

One Schedule across Planning Horizons 

MineRP Evaluation in the
MineRP Platform

MineRP Evaluation is one of the components included in the Mine RP 4.0 Platform, and enables seamless integration between volumetric science, planning/scheduling, and geoscience disciplines.

The evaluation capabilities offered by the newly minted MineRP Evaluation will be reused across the MineRP Platform:

  • MineRP Planner – where designs options are evaluated,

  • EPS Viz – where MineRP offers Schedule Evaluation, and

  • MineRP Volumetrics – where surveyed solids are evaluated, and operational gains and losses are quantified.


With MineRP, evaluation becomes an asynchronous activity where evaluation tasks (like evaluating a mine design) are submitted to the evaluation engine, and users continue with work while the computing is done in parallel.

Intersections and computing happen on the Evaluation Engine – where the required computational workload is dynamically distributed to the available “compute nodes”. Once computation is complete, the evaluation results are stored in the MineRP Platform, and the user is notified that the process is complete.

Evaluation results can then be analysed and are also available for 3D Spatial Visualization and reporting.

No more waiting for Evaluation runs to complete.

With the advent of MineRP’s parametric mine planning, it became clear that ultra-fast mine design capabilities also require ultra-fast design evaluation. The architectural provision for High-Performance Computing in MineRP Evaluation means that evaluation jobs that used to stop all productivity because they took hours and days to complete, can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

MineRP Evaluation. The solution to multiple scenario evaluation within minutes in a true integrated fashion.

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