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Work Manager is purpose-built for Short Interval Control (SIC) and deals with the immediate scheduling of Task and Resource assignments, i.e. People and Equipment.

Work Manager integrates with MineRP 4.0 via our Schedule Mediation Platform allowing for various methods of Task Order generation. Work Manager is not exclusive to MineRP Planner and can integrate with schedules from various other planning systems.

Templates are used to generate Tasks based on configurable rules. Adding or inserting Tasks such as Maintenance Tasks, Service Tasks, and ad hoc Production Tasks makes Work Manager extremely valuable to the organization. This allows for making all tasks visible to be managed and executed. Conflict resolution allows for moving, rescheduling, and adding of unplanned tasks to assist in driving production targets and efficiencies in the organization.

MineRP Work Manager is fully integrated with IoT and other production control platforms such as Fleet Management Systems to allow automated updating of progress on scheduled tasks, both in Work Manager itself and backward into the Short-Term Plan.


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Master Business Schedule (Integrated Operations Plan)

Build fast operational plans based on the short-term Master Business Schedule that contains all the work to be done – at detailed task level.  Conflict resolution allows for moving, rescheduling, and adding of unplanned tasks to assist in driving production targets and efficiencies in the organization


Live Activity Progress Feedback

Continuous feedback from Mobile Forms, IoT, Fleet Management, MES and other real-time monitoring and control systems keeps you in control of who is doing what and where and how you’re tracking against the plan during or after the shift.  


3D Visualization of Activities

Because Work Manager runs on the MineRP Platform, you can use SpatialDash, SpatialAnalyzer and other tools for role-based spatial dashboards, 3D execution analysis and everything you need in a modern digital operations centre.


Automate ERP Transactions

MineRP’s platform-to-platform integration with ERP platforms means that you can focus on the planning and executing of extraction, while the platform uses Robotic Process Automation and advanced APIs to allow the ERP to account, provision, and replenish where needed.

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Manage Teams and Rosters

Manage teams, certifications, assignment rosters, and everything needed to optimally utilize available skills and capacity.


Fully Integrated with the Schedule

Bi-directional schedule integration means all the tasks in your Master Business Schedule are managed and tracked in detail, with regular updates to allow rapid re-planning of the short-term schedule and the next shift’s work.

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Manage Unplanned Work

In-shift conditions change – demanding unplanned work.  Work Manager lets you capture unplanned tasks, and automates the workflow required to bring resources, consumables and other capabilities to bear in real time.

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Seamless Execution Orchestration

Have a Fleet Management System in place?  Work Manager makes bi-directional integration with Fleet Management and other dispatching and control systems a breeze.