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Consolidated Mining Planning

Consolidate your Mine Plans, Financial Budgets and ESG Plans into coherent, aligned strategies, tactics and schedules across horizons.

While many companies scramble to implement ex post facto reporting tools, smart companies prioritize ways to operationalize strategies through planning, execution, procurement, contracting and other domains of business. 


Integrated Mine Planning

  • MineRP consolidates your mine plans, from Life of Mine to the next shift’s detail

  • Your engineers use the design planning and scheduling tools they already love

  • MineRP works for any mining method and mineral


Infused ESG Commitments

  • With MineRP, mine planning alternatives can be evaluated and optimized for ESG objectives including CO2, diversity, governance guidelines and others

  • ESG is not estimated after the fact, but baked in during planning and continuously measured and implemented during execution

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Connected Budgets

  • Financial plans and budgets both constrain, and are derived from mine plans.  With MineRP this reality is reflected in the way that mine plans and budgets are created as two sides of the same plan

  • MineRP works with ERP and Financial Planning solutions to create deeply integrated and Interoperable Technical and Financial plans and budgets

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