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MineRP MiODS is an intelligent Operational Data Store for spatial and non-spatial data.  MiODS includes a Persistent Staging Area, Meta Data Dictionary that describes all data entities and an Analysis Layer for creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Typically employed as a translation and reporting database, MiODS should not be confused with a data warehouse, as it offers full spatial capabilities, but abstracts the impact of physical reporting overheads from the operational systems.

Reporting and 3D Visualization 

We don’t believe in reporting - we answer business questions.  Developing reports is a waste of time, unless you are providing actionable insight to the right person in the right role, at the right time. 

MineRP let’s you interact with all of the data managed in our platform to empower your team.  Whether through Built-In or In-App reports inside our platform’s various modules, or by securely accessing the MineRP MiODS spatial operational datastore, you carry the keys to the information kingdom. 


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Spatial Reporting Dashboards 

SpatialDash offers role-based spatial reporting dashboards ideal for real-time KPI tracking by managers or for use in Digital Operations Centres or Control Rooms. 


Web & Mobile Data Visualization 

SpatialPublisher extends SpatialAnalyzer’s 3D visualization capabilities onto any device, over the web.  


3D Visual Analysis 

SpatialAnalyzer gives you unlimited 3D Visualization and Animation with Analytics tools including cutting panes, graphing, and more. SpatialAnalyzer’s fully interactive spatial query designer and visualizer was built for the Data Scientist in you. 

In-App Reporting 

MineRP Platform modules offer various standard application reports which can be configured for your business.

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All the Right Data 

Stop worrying about finding and integrating data. MineRP InterOp and MineRP Core sources, integrates, and enriches all your mining data.  We take care of getting and securing the right data, while you take care of mining.  

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Relate everything to Space 

Need to integrate data from various domains for complex tasks like variance analysis or to do activity-based or area-based costing?  MineRP connects Mining Technical Data with other Platforms like your ERP system, IoT Platforms,  or Fleet Management systems. 

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No-Impact Operational Datastore 

Don’t let reporting and analytics slow down your operational systems.  The MineRP Intelligent Operations Data Store (MiODS), collects and collates the data of your choice in real time, ready for consumption by external reporting or integration tools. 

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External Reporting Tools 

Access MineRP’s amalgamated dataset with your own reporting tools while maintaining role-based security and access.  Connect to MiODS to develop standard reports, BI and Analytics dashboards, and much more. 

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