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MineRP Volumetrics provides everything the surface, open pit or underground mine surveyor needs to manage survey processes and work with spatial data collected in the field.

With specialised tools for Open Pit, Massive, and Narrow Tabular ore bodies, MineRP Volumetrics makes it easy to get data from instruments and integrates with MineRP CAD for highly specialized draughting, plotting, modelling, post-processing, and reconciliation functionality.

Whether you are collecting data via legacy tools like tapes and ties, recording points shot with devices such as total stations or distomats, or using scanning devices that produce point clouds, MineRP Volumetrics can handle your data and improve your survey process.


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Any type of Mine

Integrated toolsets enabling users to navigate between Surface, Underground and Open-Pit functionalities.


Point-Cloud Processing

Fast and effective methods to create solids from processed point scans.

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Legacy & Modern Survey

Catering for legacy type solutions and leading-edge technologies such as wireframes, solids, and Booleans.


Survey-specific CAD tools

Go beyond traditional CAD with automated lofting, filling gaps between scans, and stitching together selected geometries. Slice solids to indicate over breaks and underbreaks and a lot more.


Integrated Mining Processes

Spatially positioned 3D Sampling, Stope Width Control and Blasted voids. Includes Sampling to Assay Lab automation as well as QA QC ability.

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3D Evaluation

Straightforward spatial intersection with associated values ready for consumption and reporting.

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