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Business processes make or break a mine. To reach its full potential, your processes must be as efficient and effective as they can be.  MineForms is a Business Process Modelling tool used to develop digital applications and embed business rules within the organisation. 

With MineForms, clients can create highly customizable web-based apps to collect data, orchestrate work and manage processes and workflows. 

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Implement your Business Processes

Mining software should do more than capture data and calculate results.  MineForms allows you to implement the business processes, escalation, authorizations, and workflow character of your operation to guarantee the transformative value of your platform investment.

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Access everything everywhere

Access information on your desktop, smartphone or anywhere you have access to the network, you can create unique apps to quickly verify or visualise data, or start processes.


Create your own Applications

Need specific data that you don’t have a source system for?  MineForms lets you easily create data capturing and process-implementation forms directly on the MineRP Platform.


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Notification, Routing and Escalation Engine

Get notifications via SMS or email, route tasks to other team members, and escalate outstanding tasks. Keep processes moving until they are completed.


Custom business rules incorporated to support digitization

Configure your process with ccompany-specific business rules in support of operational excellence and governance.


Integrated Search Engine

Find current and archived data quickly and easily.


Reporting and Analytics

Use the data you capture in any MineRP or third-party reporting tools.

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Auditability and


Versioning and release management

Simplify the deployment of new processes,  and improve turnaround times on updates and enhancements.

Processes are fully auditable from start to end. Trace a process or get updates on its status with simplified search functionality.

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Integration points into platform and external data sources

Make it easier for employees to do their work by actioning tasks from one consistent interface.

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Accessibility from multiple devices (connectivity)

On your desktop, mobile phone or anywhere you have access to the network!

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