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MineRP SpatialDash is a web-based, cloud-enabled interactive 2D spatial dashboard application that allows users to remain on top of all their operational KPIs.  SpatialDash combines actual technical mine or plant graphics with spatially related key performance indicators (KPIs) displayed as spatially located real-time graphs and charts.  Users can interrogate their business information by navigating through their operation spatially, or by searching for known business entities (e.g. workplaces, properties, plants, assets etc.), adding rich visuals and creating a sense of spatial awareness linked to standard reporting data.  With SpatialDash, users can create rules that combine data from a variety of disciplines, set conditions to this data, and display any exceptions visually in space (i.e. color-coding, heat maps etc.).  For example, one may configure SpatialDash to highlight any area with a given geological characteristic where safety-related incidents have taken place in a certain period. 


Alternatively, one could combine lost blasts, breakdowns, et cetera with contractor team information, and determine the efficiency and effectiveness of contractors or mining teams.  The same could be done by overlaying planned versus actual performance, and many more valuable outcomes.