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MineRP CAD offers CAD capabilities extended for mine planners, surveyors and other specialists who generate and manipulate spatial and volumetric data. 


Tightly integrated with MineRP Explorer, MineRP CAD allows users to easily load, filter and visualise integrated datasets while facilitating printing, plotting and web-based publishing of views.  



Built on top of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is the original CAD software used by millions around the world, proving it is a well-supported and documented platform.


State of the art CAD tools

Many years of R&D which resulted in state of the art CAD tools.


Strict access control to ensure data integrity

Data is securely saved in a SQL database with strict access control and security to ensure data integrity

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mining tools

Designed to cater and adhere to the mining industry's standard rules and regulations


Quick access & fast filtering

Geometry and attributes data, handled via SQL database for quick access and fast filtering


Save valuable design time

Plotting is made easy by using standard templates and command-driven interface.


Full audit logs

Available for data and configuration changes

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Integrated workflow

Embed and digitize your processes with integrated workflow and authorization.

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An integrated view into all datasets hosted by MineRP systems through a CAD-like database environment as configured by MineRP Core, including reference libraries, predefined Views, Layouts, and predefined Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) and spatial filters.

MineRP Explorer forms the foundation for hosting datasets, including the standards definition, how data exists as well as the security model. Explorer allows for importing, referencing, and connecting to different datasets, and can host various datasets in a logical database. Through MineRP CAD, designing capabilities are also included in Explorer, making it an industry-specific CAD system.  All other MineRP modules are built on top of Explorer.

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