Support only packages


Support only packages entail the availability of expert system specialists to your organisation to assist with a variety of end-user based requirements.  These include how-to assistance, troubleshooting and can even entail on-site assistance and knowledge sharing.


Support and Maintenance Agreements


Adding software maintenance services to your support contract has many benefits, chief among which is version protection and priority bug fixing. Essentially, a maintenance agreement with MineRP gives you uninterrupted access to the latest versions of the software you purchased, and the ability to obtain corrective and adaptive maintenance services from MineRP.

Customised Support an Maintenance Contracts


For Enterprise clients with SpatialDB implementations, our customised contracts are designed to fit your budget. MineRP offers a variety of volume- and priority based support contracts that can be customised so you pay only for the amount of service you intend to use.


Service Level Agreements


SLA’s are custom designed around those enterprise clients who need guaranteed performance within set performance indicators for named services.  Clients entering into SLA’s with MineRP get monthly or weekly performance reports, and dedicated service level managers on top of priority attention as prescribed by the SLA service definition.


Support Packages

Supporting our clients around the globe is MineRP’s top priority.  You can count on MineRP to provide the appropriate level of support to ensure that you make the most of your technology investment



Support Ticket Form

Software Support


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Log a support ticket by completing the ticket registration form

Contact your nearest MineRP office for your support needs:

South Africa:

       +27 87 980 3100




MineRP produces highly technical, sophisticated software solutions, demanding skilfully designed configuration and knowledge transfer projects during implementation. 


Implementation projects may be simple affairs where no formal training is required, or large scale projects covering updating of technology, processes and even organisational roles and responsibilities.




MineRP provides an eLearning training solution that can be used by a wide range of national and international clients, small and large mining operations.


Our courses include multimedia, such as audio clips, simulations and interactive step-by-step guides to keep the learner interested and to enhance the learning experience.


All our courses include an assessment, after which the learner will receive a certificate which can be downloaded.

All these courses are aimed at users, not administrators.






The following MineRP eLearning training courses are available for all users on the MineRP Learning Management System (LMS):

Available eLearning courses:

Contact Training

Please contact your local MineRP office to discuss your unique training requirements:

Business Consulting

Change Management


MineRP specialises in assisting mining organisations to internalise not only technology changes but also continuous changes happening as a result of its complex environment.


Project Management


We proudly attribute our excellent project delivery track-record to our dedicated project managers.  MineRP combines skill and experience to bring in projects on time, to specification and within budget. 



Process Optimisation


Well run organisations require well designed business processes.  We can help to optimize what you have, or design processes from the ground up, based on industry knowledge and experience.


Risk Consulting


MineRP has a long history of developing and implementing risk management solutions, from health and safety to enterprise risk management solutions, we have consultants to assist with all your needs. 





Introduction to SpatialAnalyzer and its concepts but also includes a workshop where users will work on a generic version of SpatialAnalyzer being guided by an expert trainer.​

1/2 day

Introduction to SpatialDash and its concepts as well as a workshop where users will work on a generic version of SpatialDash being guided by an expert trainer.

1/2 day

To enable a Processware Administrator to manage user logins, within the MineForms Processware suite.

To enable a MineForms Developer/Solutions Architect to create and maintain complex processes.

5 days

(1 Administration

4 Development)


The primary data storage environment for all MineRP systems and complies to open standards. It can be applied to most Geographical Information Systems environment making datasets spatially intellengent, and is the cornerstone for building a Spatial Data Infrastructure.

1 day

Introduce learners to the basics of data management & how to apply DataQrator &MiODS & its components in the architecture & landscape of the total data management environment

2 days

This module will give the student an overview on the different layers of mining data & available features in the product to support business processes related to the unique spatial capabilities of MineRP products.

1 day


Learners will be introduced & taught how to use MineRP CAD functionality in this course.

PRE-REQUISITES: Introduction to CAD and a CAD Essentials course.

1 day

Classroom Training


Multi-Vendor Management

Multi-sourcing is the provisioning and blending of services from the optimal set of internal and external suppliers in the pursuit of organisational goals. Where multiple vendors are integrated to form a multi-sourcing solution, it is imperative to implement multi-vendor management best practice.


MineRP's multi-vendor management is based on our experience as independent systems integrator, giving us the benefit of an advanced technical knowledgebase. 


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