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MineRP Core is the MineRP Platform's central administration portal and is used to manage configurations, settings, security, entity definitions, rendering rules, language configurations, role definitions and the like.  MineRP Core allows clients to configure enterprise security in line with accepted data management principles.

All modules running in, on or with MineRP exchange data through standardized data definitions created in MineRP Core, and populated or extracted through MineRP InterOp.



Platform Configuration

Manage the configuration of the MineRP platform across your whole company. 


Configure the collaboration between the Platform, MineRP Platform Modules, and external applications or other platforms that complete your information management landscape.

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Information Access and Control

Role-based configuration aligned with your business implements your information governance policies.

Manage and audit groups, users, permissions centrally. 

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Underlying all MineRP Platform Modules

Forget about managing standards, security and data access on multiple servers, applications, and locations. MineRP Core is the central hub where administrators implement your policies, leaving engineers and miners to focus on mining!


Master Data Management

Ensure data, integration, and reporting integrity by managing all your master data, reference fields, lookups, lists, and cross-platform alignment in one place. 

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Multiple Language Configuration

Need to support multiple languages?  Set up a standard library and dictionary that translates terminology and reserved words across your business.

Enterprise Standards Configuration

Move your mining standards from policies, templates and SOPs to centrally governed rules. Manage exceptions, group and operation-specific standards, rules and much more without fear of creating chaos.