At the core of MineRP is MineRP SpatialDB, the enterprise spatial database powering the platform.  SpatialDB enables storage of, and spatial operations on both 2D and 3D spatial objects.  These spatial objects are stored in a standard Database Management System (DBMS), namely Microsoft SQL Server.  MineRP has implemented the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard for spatial information management with extended capabilities and functions for hosting mining industry specific data types.

By using space as the common denominator and adding data as attributes describing the state and status of space MineRP 4.0 ensures that no original data is destroyed.  Built-in 2D and true 3D Boolean functions allow for high-performance, server-side database operations on the spatial data.

Requisite data from the Geoscientific, Planning, and Survey functions are extracted via InterOP for data residing in databases, or data stored in files.