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At the core of MineRP is SpatialDB, the spatial data engine powering the platform.  SpatialDB enables storage of, and spatial operations on both 2D and 3D spatial objects.  SpatialDB is RDBMS independent, and work with a variety of industry-leading data management platforms.  MineRP has implemented the most modern open standards for spatial information management with extended capabilities and functions for hosting mining industry-specific data types.


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Spatial functions

Modify existing features to create new ones, for example by providing a buffer around them, intersecting features, etc.

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Observer Functions

Queries which return specific information about a feature such as the location of the centre of a block.

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Spatial Predicates

Allows true/false queries such as 'is there a geological feature located within a radius, the area we are planning to open ore reserve'.


Spatial Reference system

All entities are spatial referenced to a known coordinate system and can be transformed to a different project.


Constructor Functions

Creates new features with a SQL query specifying the vertices (points of nodes) which can make up lines. If the first and last vertex of a line is identical the feature can also be of the type polygon (a closed line).

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OGC+ data types

Implements a set of OGC+ data types for the mining industry, including Block Models.

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