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Enterprise Interoperability

MineRP is a comprehensive Digital InterOperability Platform that delivers real-time visibility, forward-looking insights, and operational control to your mine.


Make better, faster, more informed decisions today.

  • One version of the truth

  • OEM & Software Vendor Independent

  • Fast and accurate collaboration through Robotic Process Automation

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Focus on Value

  • Advanced analytics, AI and ML ready

  • Faster decisions during the shift means safer and more productive outcomes

  • 3D Visualization and Analytics built-in

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Connect Everything

  • Keep the systems you have already invested in through capital and training

  • Robotic Process Automation takes care of systems collaboration while you take care of mining

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MineRP Platform Integration Tools


Harnessing Integrated data streams to manage production, draw control & equipment utilisation

Integrated by MineRP

  • In-Shift Actuals and Projections

  • Detailed Task Feedback

  • Vehicle Availability

  • Ore Pass Levels

Underground Diamond Mine




Draw Compliance

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