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One Platform to Consolidate
all your Mining Data

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More Choice

More Control

More Value

MineRP gives you the freedom to use the systems you know without sacrificing the value of integrated information.


Future Ready

Mining’s future demands platforms that enable AI-driven planning, self-adjusting operations, autonomous execution and interoperable learning systems.


  • Optimize plans and operations through advanced analytics

  • Connect any Predictive and Prescriptive analytics engine

  • Harness the power of Machine Learning through unrivalled access to data


Freedom of Choice

Based on open architecture, MineRP bi-directionally connects to all your mining disciplines - including geology, mine planning, fleet management, operator feedback, material movement and mine monitoring tools.

  • No need to rip and replace to obtain an integrated enterprise.

  • Bi-directional interfaces

  • Open APIs and Data Standards

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3D Visualization

Mining is a spatially-driven enterprise, and MineRP is up to the task.

  • Harness the power of 2D and 3D spatial visualizations to bring your data alive

  • Keep your eye on the ball through customizable Spatial Production Dashboards

  • Create integrated 3D scenes to visualize and report on planned  vs actual performance, spatial compliance to plan, and much more

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Reduced Cost of Ownership 

Integrating systems not designed for the enterprise is difficult and expensive.  MineRP reduces your TCO by taking care of interfaces, process automation, event automation and unnecessary license proliferation. 


  • One platform to address your interfacing and interoperability needs

  • Built-in process automation capabilities

  • Transparency and auditability guaranteed

  • Centralised Master Data Management

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We take care

of information, while you take care of mining.

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