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The Value of InterOperability

More Value

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Plan the Mine, Mine the Plan

InterOperability is about more than merely integrating systems and sharing data.   Making the right strategic, tactical and operational decisions is only valuable if those decisions can be made quickly, and decisions can be implemented without causing chaos.  Digitization projects focused on digitizing of machines without integrating planning and execution are underpowered and unsustainable.


Faster decisions during the shift means safer and more productive outcomes.

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Reconcile the Business

  • Track the success of any KPI in real-time

  • Dynamically visualize value drivers through 2D and 3D Spatial Reporting

  • Reconcile planned-vs-actual outcomes including:

    • Temporal:  Planned vs actual Date & Time reconciliation

    • Durational:  Planned vs actual task duration

    • Financial:  Planned vs actual cost of execution

    • Volumetric: Planned vs actual shape and volume reconciliation to manage overbreak, underbreak and dilution

    • Spatial:  Planned vs actual location of mining

    • Grade: Planned vs actual grade control metrics

    • Quantity:  Planned vs actual quantity of reserve extracted


Work the Plan

  • Enable remote control centers, Remote Operating Centers and control rooms through dynamic Master Work Management

  • Optimize your schedules across planning horizons without losing alignment between long- and short-term plans.

  • Manage Work at a detailed level by automating integration with fleet management systems, ERP systems and other tools used to manage execution – independent of OEM or software vendors in use

  • Seamlessly update your schedules with progress updates from Operator Control systems. Production feedback IoT, or even manual data entry


Plan the Work

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