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Streamlined Financial Planning and Budgeting 

Empower the business with Integrated Financial and Operational plans and insights

  • Dynamically link Operational and Financial Plans by connecting your ERP and mining systems

  • Native integration between Mine Planning and Business Planning (ERP financial enumeration of mine plans).

  • Improve Supply-Chain and Logistics processes through advanced demand automation and ERP system insights

More Choice

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More Value


Fast, Integrated Budgets

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Standardization in Planning

Go beyond consolidated averages based on assumptions.  Fast, accurate plans and forecasts rely on dynamically integrated mining and financial planning.

  • Smart SOPs and BORs to allow for zero-based budgets at every planning horizon

  • Automate integration between operational demand and ERP response through Robotic Process Automation

Remove variances associated with poor standardization across different areas and planners.


  • Build financial assumptions and other criteria into ​your mine planning process for rapid testing of financial feasibility

  • Enable area-based and activity-based costing with transaction-level integration between planned mining activities and enabling financial  and other ERP transactions.


Revolutionize SCM, Resource planning and procurement through Smart Bills of Resources and Materials  

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