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Operationalize your ESG Commitments

Considering changing to Battery Electric Vehicles to reduce your carbon footprint?  Or upgrading your solar plant to improve offset?  Reducing emissions requires careful planning and impacts everything.

Iterate mine design, budget and ESG alternatives to derive optimal plans aligned with the total business strategy

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Environmental optimization of mine scheduling through life cycle assessment 

  • Model and optimize Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions resulting from your mine plan and operations

  • Environmental optimization of mine plans through life cycle assessment 

Unplanned mining conditions demand immediate operational action - often causing operational teams to overstep mandates or overlook corporate governance commitments.


  • Buy the right equipment and consumables from the right suppliers through digitally enabled interaction between planning, execution and procurement teams


  • Automate proactive warnings and triggers as operational teams run into unplanned work demanding fast reactions

Enrich Procurement, Talent Management and other programs by implementing guidelines and rules into operational processes.


  • Clear people, skills and certification requirements developed from the integrated mine plan


  • Test CSI and community program feasibility, and build associated costs, delays and plans into the Consolidated Mining Plan

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Smart mine plans with ESG-specific attributes deliver transactional adherence to ESG commitments during planning and execution.

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