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Integrated Mine Planning

MineRP integrates everything, and delivers the best platform tools to create unparalleled, integrated mine plans for any kind of mine. Already invested in planning tools you love?  We consolidate mine plans built in any other system

More Choice


More Value


Mining and Master Data Management

MineRP’s Master- and Metadata management is the best in the business. ​  Our Spatial Database and MineRP Flow / Forms ensure central control, security, scalability and enterprise reliability.


  • Centrally configure and manage planning standards, CAD standards and much more


  • Store and maintain geological models, planning and survey data, and easily configure the platform for additional properties, attributes and spatial or non-spatial objects.


  • Data from the Geoscientific, Planning, and Survey functions is extracted via InterOp –irrespective of the tools used to create the data.


Comprehensive Mine Design Tools

With a fully featured CAD engine featuring exceptional handling of large data sets, and boolean operations handled seamlessly on MineRP SpatialDB, you won’t be found lacking.



  • Uniquely configurable spatial tools ready to be applied to any mining method – Open cut or Underground.

  • Consolidate mine plans from any other planning tool

  • Integrate plans across mining horizons

  • Share plans over the web or mobile platforms through fully featured 3D visualization and animation capabilities

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Integrated Scheduling and Visualization

Collaborate and Share

Collaboration, Sharing and Animation

Best-in-class, robust scheduling engine and mining-specific algorithms to create production schedules,  fully integrated with the Mine Design and ultimate 3D Visualization.


  • Use MineRP’s powerful InterOperability platform to create a Master Business Schedule containing all planned work – not only mining activities.

  • Easily build user-defined pivot-style reports and graphs to analyze and calculate scheduling results

  • Fully integrated with Work Management tools for seamless schedule updates

EPS Viz provides a link to your EPS schedule and 3D Mine Design to provide smooth, dynamic and interactive schedule animations.


Take a giant leap further by sharing plans and other 3D analytical visualizations over the web using MineRP SpatialAnalyzer and SpatialPublisher


Lightning-Fast Evaluation and  Optimization

Accurate multi-mineral evaluation has never been this powerful, nor this fast! Harnessing high-performance cloud computing, MineRP delivers asynchronous evaluation capabilities in the background while you work.


MineRP Elytica provides optimization and predictive modelling as an on-demand cloud-based service. We provide the mathematical modelling expertise to enhance analytic-based decision support across all levels of an organization.


Any Method, any Commodity

MineRP can be used to generate rapid mine plans at LOM or detailed horizon for any mining method, underground or surface, and any commodity.

Powerful Integrated Planning Platform for every kind of mine and every kind of planner

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Integrated Mine Planning Tools

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