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We will do it together. MineRP, Powered by Epiroc.

March was a month of celebration for MineRP. The company turned 26 years old, launched the new “Powered by Epiroc” branding initiative and introduced a new vision and mission for the journey ahead.

MineRP hosted our first MineRP Day for 2023, inviting all our South African employees to our office in Centurion, South Africa, and welcoming international colleagues online.

“The MineRP day marked the start of a new journey for MineRP, guided by a clear vision, a purposeful mission, and a strategic roadmap. It is important to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that has brought us to this point. As we launch our new vision, mission, and strategy, we look towards the future with excitement and optimism”, said André Steenkamp, General Manager for MineRP.

MineRP’s new vision:

To be the Preferred digital solutions partner in transforming the mining industry.

MineRP’s new mission

We collaborate in transforming mining to deliver responsible, sustainable value through innovative solutions and passionate people.

MineRP is now more clearly aligned to the Epiroc brand with the “Powered by Epiroc” addition to its logo and a small brand refresh project. The objective is for both brands to move closer together while chasing brand value and fully leveraging brand equity.

In addition to updating our logo, vision and mission, MineRP also incorporated the three core Epiroc values of, Innovation, Collaboration and Commitment into our initiative to simplify. These values will help to drive competitive advantage that help us maintain our leadership position, even in a changing environment.

André Steenkamp captured it perfectly, “MineRP will build our future success on innovation and technical excellence. Strong, diverse teams working with passion and a common strategy. Our customers' success leads to our success. By listening to and connecting with our customers and being an innovative, agile partner in creating value and productivity, we will reach new heights. And we will do it together.”


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