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“Unified” is the new MineRP

A week ago, MineRP had an executive briefing of the new MineRP in South Africa. We were humbled by the number of clients, and partners that joined us. The keynote was done by the President and CEO of Dundee Precious Metals, Rick Howes, who presented about Dundee's Chelopech mine's digital transformation journey over the last 6 yrs, where they achieved a 100% increase in ore mined, and 44% decrease in cost per tonne, a truly remarkable story. Rick coined the phrase:

"Take the Lid off the Mine"

MineRP, now partly owned by Dundee Precious Metals, presented its views of the new MineRP, by Pieter Nel, CEO, and other presentations. One presentation I gave was about MineRP’s five market thrusts, which all revolves around unifying Mine Technical Systems with other enterprize systems, data and processes.

So, what is the thing about Unified? The Apple dictionary explains:

"make or become united, uniform, or whole: the government hoped to centralize and unify the nation | (as adjective) : a unified system of national education.”

It is time for mining to become whole, where we do not have separate systems, processes, teams, lexicons, etc. to describe the ‘science of mining’ vs. the ‘business of mining’. We are creating many of the data-sets we require to do digital transformation already. But we need to bring the processes closer together, and make mining whole.

MineRP, with its partners, are pushing five Unified solutions to digitally transform mining. MineRP has thrust Directors, pushing these solutions to clients through partners. they are:

  1. Unified Spatial Management - Schalk Liebenberg;

  2. Unified Mineral Inventory Management - Johnny van den Berg;

  3. Unified Business Planning - Johann Riekert;

  4. Unified Production Planning - Johan van Rooyen; and

  5. Unified Production Management - Ruud van Nieuwenhoven.

Between us, we have 165+ years of mining experience, involved in the problems, and solutions mines face daily through disconnected processes, and silos of operations. Adding the rest of MineRP, and our Partners, with the learning we do with mines, the new MineRP is open, contact us to UNIFY.

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