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MineRP Partnerships - unlocking value for the future of mining

Over the last five years, MineRP has gained a rich sense of understanding of partnerships within the mining industry. We have grown in our partnership journey establishing the best way to structure partnerships to deliver value to both our clients and our partners alike. The most exhilarating part of the journey is when clients realise and acknowledge how our partnerships benefit them in achieving their goals.

Why the emphasis on partnerships? The answer is simple – “no one company can bring the transformation the client needs, at the speed required”. While MineRP drove its platform to maturity and came to terms with the scope of its applicability, we also realised that the product we developed will eventually outgrow our own capabilities to deliver client value – simply because we will never be experts in every domain our software is employed. Furthermore, the innovation required to bring mining to Industry 4.0 integrated and automated processes requires many partners, innovating with the client. This fundamental realization motivated us to reach out to partners to enable them to sell and implement their innovations alongside the data and processes unified by the MineRP Platform.

In the ramping up years of MineRP’s journey with partners, we were also very privileged to innovate jointly with the global powerhouses like SAP, IBM, Deloitte and many others through a colloquial we called “The EcoSystem”. Meeting annually, The Ecosystem also includes clients, and aims to learn from each other while we strive to identify and demonstrate value-driven initiatives broadly enabling digital transformation in mining.

In 2020, during the global COVID pandemic, MineRP had the opportunity to examine our partnership model to establish which strategies worked, and which needed further tweaking. As a Result, we simplified the MineRP partner models to three levels, namely:

  • Engagement Partner – as the entry point to crafting a joint value proposition,

  • Collaboration Partner – where we have progressed to product development and are working together on a joint client, and

  • Strategic Partner – where such partner has an international footprint where from where we can go to market and deliver projects jointly.

Consequently – since November 2020 – we have been rolling the new partnership model out with Partners. We signed Engagement Partnership agreements with VBKom in South Africa and VI-Tech Global in Australia in December 2020, and with Inspire Resources in January 2021.

We are busy finalising the joint value propositions for each of these unique partnerships and have several other partners in the pipeline, each with their own value proposition that we cannot wait to unveil to our clients.

In short,

  • VBKom is a respected engineering consulting firm with Manie Kriel at the helm. Our partnership entails embedding the MineRP on-tap schedule optimisation services (branded as Elytica, an online service platform hosting APIs to integrate and employ complex mathematical algorithms) into VBKom’s consulting offerings to market.

  • VI-Tech Global, with the visionary Dr. Tony Milton, aspires to use many of the MineRP platform services to enable contract mining businesses and enable public sector institutions to drive fair and equitable community engagements.

  • Inspire Resources, under the lead of Andy Reynolds, have conceptualized how they see the world become a better place where mining is transitioned to enable a decarbonized sustainable future of available raw materials though the implementation of a social-enterprise mining-centered business model that will create unbiased, more sustainable outcomes.

Listen to our podcasts on MineWarp to understand why each of these businesses are partnering with MineRP – and their fascinating journeys!


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