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MineRP & Collaborit join forces to further extend their Mining Service Portfolios

Internationally recognised mining software and consulting company, MineRP, recently partnered with leading Asset Management Engineering Company, Collaborit. The partnership brings together mine and engineering planning and execution solutions to help customers maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). MineRP and Collaborit will engage in co-marketing and sales initiatives and offer complimentary solutions and services to their existing customers base and target market.

“We foresee a series of joint offerings coming from this partnership, all focusing on leveraging mining assets to their maximum. The first product (called DIME) focuses on improving predictive maintenance through integration with the mining schedule, and drives engineering materials requirement planning at a tactical level.” Ockert van Schalkwyk, Mining ERP Specialist at MineRP.

The Collaborit EAM+ for SAP Solution Suite comprises of a comprehensive set of solutions that focuses on Project and Portfolio Management, Asset Lifecycle Management (as part of a co-innovation initiative with SAP’s global mining industry leader group), SAP Master Data Governance, Work Management and Asset Performance Management. “MineRP’s partnership with Collaborit means we can now achieve the full integration of the Mining Production and Engineering worlds” according to Ockert van Schalkwyk from MineRP.

Dynamic Integrated Mining and Engineering (DIME)

DIME allows the combination of production and engineering schedules into a Master Business Schedule that gives a joint view of all activities and resources required to execute the Mine Plan. By reducing unplanned work in the mining and maintenance worlds, resources (materials, men, machines) can be properly planned and prices negotiated based on real availabilities and usage. This way, financials can be planned more accurately and an overall performance-focused culture can be developed.

DIME clients realise return on investment through:

  • Increased availability of production resources

  • Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Higher success rate on Warranty Claims

  • Reduced Maintenance Downtime

  • Improved maintenance Budgeting and Forecasting accuracy and Life of Mine Planning

Aligned Strategies

According to Jean Roux, SVP Services at MineRP, the two companies’ future strategies are well aligned: “With MineRP focusing on the delivery of an integrated digital enterprise by unifying customers’ technical and non-technical domains, and with Collaborit’s key focus on innovative digital asset management solutions and services, we are able to connect people, process and technology with the asset. These synergies are further supported by a strong mining and SAP heritage with both companies being SAP Partners.”

Jannie Potgieter, CEO of Collaborit adds: “Both MineRP and the Collaborit EAM+ for SAP Solution Suite are widely used within the mining industry. We serve many of the same customers and both companies are recognized by SAP as leaders in this space. It was a natural progression that Collaborit and MineRP would combine forces to deliver an integrated view to optimize the operations, maintenance and performance of the very expensive mining equipment our customers invest in. It is critical that mining operations and equipment performance are linked to the data and transactions in SAP. This is the only way for customers to manage the availability, cost, and risk of their mining equipment. With this partnership we are able to provide exactly that.”

Collaborit is an international Asset Management Engineering Company that provides unique solutions and services centered around Physical Asset Management Engineering. Our solution portfolio include a unique suite of SAP Enterprise Asset Management Solutions, Enterprise Asset Management Services, specialised Engineering Services, Reliability Management, Energy and Carbon Management, Structural Integrity Management , and Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (“EPCM”). Learn more at

MineRP is an internationally recognized mining software company that provides solutions to optimize the entire mining process at all levels, from planning to execution. We integrate all the different software and data streams in a mining operation. The company is fully owned by Swedish equipment manufacturer Epiroc, and provides an open, standards-based digital integration platform to mines of all types, commodities and locations. Learn more at

Press release from MineRP South Africa

For further information please contact:

Anika Weich – MineRP Communications


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