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MineRP & ThreeDify partner to bring new capabilities in Modelling & Shape Optimization to the mine

Toronto, November 2019: MineRP and ThreeDify have announced an agreement to bring a variety of resource modelling, mine design and optimization tools currently offered through ThreeDify’s GeoMine Solution to the MineRP Platform. The partnership is aimed at providing the mining industry with another innovative step forward in the eradication of data silos and the removal of long mine design cycles that constrain agile decision making.

Pieter Nel, President & CEO of MineRP says: “The partnership with ThreeDify supports MineRP’s strategy to revolutionize the speed and accuracy with which miners are able to model, design and schedule mines of every type, method and commodity. We have decided to enter into a long-term partnership with ThreeDify to harness the unique capabilities their software currently offers directly through the MineRP Platform.”

ThreeDify’s VP of Operations, Nancy Liu, remarks: “While ThreeDify has been approached by multiple players in the mining technical software world, we have found in MineRP a partner with a similar vision to deliver true digital transformation to the mining industry. By partnering with MineRP, we are demonstrating our commitment to information sharing and collaboration in integrated resource modelling and mine planning.”

While the companies have been friends for a long time, it is the extensibility and robustness of the MineRP Platform that provided the flexibility to finally implement a technically sound integration strategy without sacrificing the unique capabilities of either partner.

ThreeDify Boilerplate:

Based in Ottawa, Canada, ThreeDify Inc. offers innovative mining software solutions to help clients increase resource recovery and maximize the economic potential of their mineral deposits. The Company was founded by two mining engineers, each with over 35 years of diversified experiences in both mining and high-tech industries. As mining engineers, we talk the talk; as software developers, we understand what it takes to implement the requirements from geologists and mining engineers. ThreeDify’s competitive advantage lies in our ability to combine advanced modelling and optimization techniques with modern computing technologies in developing a next-generation mining software solution.

MineRP Boilerplate:

Founded in 1997 as Graphic Mining Solutions International (GMSI), MineRP primarily addresses the problem of mining technical data fragmentation through a spatially indexed integration platform - delivering a cohesive understanding of the orebody, mine plans and production status. By implementing the MineRP Platform, mines operate as fully integrated digital enterprises, with simultaneous and complete views of both the financial and the mineral perspectives of the business.

Through its revolutionary mine planning and operational management capabilities, the MineRP platform overcomes the decision-making lag introduced by unacceptably long planning cycles and unavailability of real time production data.

To request an interview, or further information, please contact Empie Strydom.

Media Contact:

VP Marketing, MineRP

+27 83 254 4138

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