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Navigating the 7Cs - Ensuring a successful digital transformation

Let's not kid ourselves - implementing an enterprise solution like MineRP disrupts the status quo. Even though digital transformation is disruptive by definition it promises enormous return on disruption. In this blog we'll list 7 critical success factors to consider when embarking on a disruptive digital transformation journey.

1. Conceive

Digital transformation is a strategic initiative that has to emanate from the C-suite. The executive needs to study, understand and internalize the value proposition for the company.

Some of our clients have found that the role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is helpful in guiding the leadership team in this regard. At MineRP we highly recommend you make use of a boardroom partner such as Deloitte Consulting to act as catalyst and guide towards conceiving and conceptualizing your digital vision.

2. Calculate

Critical to a successful digital transformation outcome is the preparation for the journey. We use our domain experience to facilitate design thinking workshops where we jointly:

  • Identify the business problems and potential solutions

  • Analyze the digital capability and the maturity of the organisation

  • Draw up a flight plan with milestones to address all of the goals

  • Quantify/describe the value of reaching each milestone

  • Prepare and educate the workforce

3. Commit

Budget and commit finances and resources to the journey.

If you and your organisation have not clarified the motivation, or why you are embarking on this path and what value you will derive, you will struggle to maintain momentum when the going gets tough.

Firm program management (yes, even more so in an agile environment) and well defined roles and responsibilities ensure commitment and successful outcomes.

4. Champion

Since management alone cannot drive transformative initiatives, it is critical to identify and empower early adopters.

Successful transformation (digital or otherwise) emerges from visible and sustained leadership at all levels of management. Management action that demonstrates complete commitment and belief in the value of each strategic initiative inspires enterprise wide adoption and commitment to endure the change.

5. Create momentum

Newly created data combinations, visually contextualized on live 3D models of the mine provides new ways of focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Implementing the MineRP platform brings a host of data sources together, and enables access to KPIs that were previously impossible to visualise. As these KPI come online, responsible managers have to be expected to employ the dashboards in management and production meetings. The value add will pull the transformation forward and allow you to scale outward and upward.

Be agile, consider new KPI requests against their value add, and allow them into the scope of the project as merited.

6. Communicate

Develop a communication plan using traditional and modern platforms. Find a useful guide here.

"Every accomplished executive who has led a successful change management effort expresses the need for over-communicating during a change .... in retrospect." (Susan M. Heathfield)

7. Celebrate

Lastly, but very importantly: Find ways and means to celebrate milestones achieved and reward your star adopters publicly .

Celebrating successes not only increases morale but it builds support among those that may need to "see it to believe it." (Tim Creasy)

In conclusion

Like a sailor navigating his ship across the seven seas, you are likely to encounter many challenges and storms. If you heed the Seven critical C's, you will stay the course and complete the journey.

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