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Design Your Mine 400 Times Faster

Back in November 2017 at the SAIMM Platinum Conference we demonstrated Parameter-Driven, Automated Mine Design in action. (read more about that here).

Since then our clients have continued to prove the MineRP Planner toolset capabilities in their live business context.

A new mine design in minutes

The capabilities of MineRP’s traditional (CADSMine) and modern-day (MineRP Planner) mine planning toolsets were compared in a hard rock flat tabular mining environment. That’s South Africa’s gold and platinum mining environment to the uninitiated.

With an enviable track record of 20 years, CADSMine has proven its worth in the details and specifics of the environment for which it was created. This client base is now on a roadmap of upgrading to MineRP Planner, at a pace driven by their business cycles.

MineRP Planner has fundamentally changed the mine planning environment, only possible because it operates on a Spatial Database with a standard data format. The exercise referenced below is a recent client driven investigation into the business benefits of enhanced planning capability.

Do the maths! That’s about 400 times faster.

Whilst this exercise dealt with one mining method, multiple mining methods are supported with seamless implementation of individual companywide standards to improve quality of process and business relevance.

Agreeing the best design

We now have the opportunity to produce multiple mine design alternatives in days not weeks or months. We can do this by simplifying the process of mine design to selecting the appropriate design parameters, leaving MineRP Planner to do the hard labour.

Now there’s time available to:

  • Choose the most robust strategy

  • Optimise the chosen business plan and

  • Schedule specific resources for execution

All with the same MineRP Planner toolset.

It wasn’t me!

Proud to say it was a client who set up this exercise, in their own time and with their own resources. Some of you out there don’t believe me when I tell you.

Perhaps the most convincing comment came from a MineRP Planner user: “When will I be able to take my coffee breaks now?

For more information, give me a buzz – or visit our website:

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