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MineRP and SAP -bringing innovation to Africa

The launch of SAP’s the first African Co-Innovation Laboratory on 26 October, reinforces SAP’s commitment to Africa and its goal to drive growth and entrepreneurship on the continent. “Africa is a significant source of innovation with global relevance.” says Brett Parker, Managing Director of SAP Africa. “We are confident that the introduction of the first African SAP Co-Innovation Lab, with its ability to enable and, tangibly showcase the innovation and inventions by Africans, for Africans, will enable us to continue to improve lives through practical solutions, increase skills development. Ultimately the goal is to contribute to job creation by stimulating and driving entrepreneurship across the continent.” “Collaborating with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Africa provided MineRP access to a range of local and global skills we required to bring our vision to life for a truly integrated enterprise solution enabling unified business planning across technical and ERP domains in the Energy & Natural Resources Industry. With the completion of our SAP COIL Phase 2 project, we will have the first in a series of market-ready offerings available and have customers ready to adopt the solution.” - John Megannon,Executive Vice President, Strategy. MineRP is a proud partner of SAP COIL, and look forward to the next phase in our relationship!

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