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MineRP co-innovation with SAP - phase 2

This week, MineRP in South Africa will receive three colleagues from the SAP co-innovation lab (COIL) in Germany, where we will plan phase 2 of the co-innovation journey together. We will start with reviewing the work done by the teams since Feb this year, where we took the first step to move MineRP's operational datastore to the SAP HANA architecture, as well as built the MineRP GeoInventory solution on the MineRP and SAP HANA architecture.

The next phase will improve the Science- to Business integration concepts for mining, which MineRP patented. More specifically, we will start specifying and building the solutions for Mining integrated planning with scenarios; and Mining integrated production and works management solutions. These two solutions will interoperate with the GeoInventory solution of phase 1, which we will further enrich in this phase.

It will extend the architecture we started with on SAP HANA, where we found that the speed and ease to work with, integrates well into the MineRP solution architecture and building blocks.

These solutions will answer to critical needs in the mining industry, where the volatile business environment, and the many unknowns when mining a geological deposit, where conditions changes fast, requires systems where scenarios can be modelled fast, and compared to other scenarios. Furthermore, integrating the different schedules of mine planning and its supporting activities, allows for efficiency improvement to the business, through visibility to issues on the master business schedule.

The three solutions MineRP is doing co-innovation work with SAP, will enable the integrated mine technical systems domain, which MineRP enables with its MineRP-in-One solution, to integrate with SAP, which will extend SAP's reach into mining production, financial management and control.

We are looking forward to the visit of our partner SAP's COIL staff, and the exciting journey with them for the next phase!

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