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It's all about (the) e-Learning

As part of the MyRP initiative, MineRP launched our eLearning course, internally on 15 April. This was the first time all members of staff, regardless of department or position, were given free access to any of our generic e-learning courses.

Fifty-two of our employees registered for courses, and by the end of the month 34 employees had completed 60 courses. A number of our employees completed more than one course, in addition to 7 users receiving 100% for their assessments. The standards were kept high with a 75% assessment mark required to receive a certificate. My colleagues seemingly became quite competitive by competing with their peers for the highest marks.

Overall the CTP (Certified Training Partner) team was impressed by our colleagues’ enthusiasm and helpfulness in improving our e-Learning, as well as thoroughly testing our e-Learning system and providing CTP the opportunity to provide seamless support and assistance to them.

E-Learning will now be an on-going internal initiative at MineRP, with any member of staff being able to complete any course when they want to. It will also be introduced into our induction program to help our new hires become accustomed to our software offerings.

If you would like to find out more about our e-Learning offerings at MineRP, or wish to book a course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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