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Post 1 of 3 in a series on Open Group Models and Mining Scrolls

(They are quite short – to suit a miner’s attention span)

Open Group Exploration and Mining Business Process Reference Model

The Open Group’s Exploration, Mining Metals and Minerals (EMMM) Forum is constructing a reference framework, collaborating to produce standard models for the mining business. The Business Process Model and Business Capability Map already exist; the Application Model and Information Map are under construction. Always looking for people to get involved!

MineRP has utilised the Business Process Model as the basis for engaging with clients for any and all mining methods and in compiling graphic illustrations of MineRP’s Mine Planning and Reconciliation Protocols. The diagram links to a PDF version for your future use. There is a 48 page document backing it up for those interested in its construction logic and terminology choices (contact me and I’ll send you one).

This process model displays on one A4, three levels of process based detail. The grey box in the middle of the diagram is a reference to different mining methods. The implication is for managing information below this generic level you require an intimate understanding of the specific mining method and its information requirements. The diagram below shows this in more detail and the video is a short explanation.

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