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So, are you optimizing anything yet?

Perhaps not! Perhaps for some good reasons? For example, two common reasons cited for not taking advantage of what true mathematical optimisation has to offer are:

  • Gathering the necessary data is such a pain!

  • Counter-intuitive answers aren’t trusted!

And guess what; every optimisation exercise has the same two problems.

Well, MineRP can help you on both counts. Firstly though, you need a clearly articulated business question. It will indicate what data at what level of granularity is required to support an answer.

Once you understand what data is needed, having all the mine technical data available in a single, open standard, spatial database drastically shortens the time taken to make it available to a mathematical simulation model or optimisation search engine. Did I hear someone say ‘by a factor of 10’?

Those weeks of work collecting not quite enough, coarse granularity data come down to a matter of days with as much detail as is useful for the business question in hand.

And when the mathematically legitimate mine schedule appears, who knows whether it makes mining sense or not? Putting it into MineRP’s SpatialAnalyzer will immediately resolve that concern. Animate a schedule in 3D and the mining man will spot an error in mining logic all the way from the mine boundary.

So, there’s two less excuses for not taking advantage of what optimisation can do for your business. Need some help? Want to know more? Contact MineRP …

And anybody out there looking to get into the use of optimisation tools within the mining business, please contact us. You may be working for a specific mining company or in the business of offering consulting services on the topic of optimisation. Either way, you’re running out of excuses! What are you hiding from?

Come and play! Contact MineRP …

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