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The stepping stones of decision making:

Want to reduce complexity and improve decision making in your mining operation? Are you wrestling with ways to improve productivity in your mining teams? Do you need to find ways to deliver more and better mine plans more quickly?

Are you trying to find a better way to get all the stakeholders in your planning and reconciliation process to work together more efficiently? A way that doesn't involve reviewing the 3D mine layout over the shoulder of your lead planner, squinting at a small screen?

A recent report from EY, "Productivity in mining: now comes the hard part"identifies real-time planning and visualization as one of the key potential innovation areas that can take your efficiency drive beyond another round of cost cutting and redundancies. A MineRP Collaborator implementation can deliver this innovation to the planning process into your boardroom today.

Get in touch to learn how a MineRP Collaborator can leverage your existing investment in mine planning and survey control software and the expertise of your mine planners to deliver productivity KPI's and detailed interactive views of the latest mine plan to your desktop in your web browser, in 3D, as they publish that change you asked for.

Want to make sure that only the latest approved version of the plan is distributed? No worries, configure the security features in Collaborator to ensure that the right people, see the right information, in the way they need to, at the right time.

Want to know more?

Inbox me or give me a call on +61.8.6380.6800 or pop in to the Perth office for a chat.

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