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Acquisition news: MineRP & Epiroc join forces to change the world of mining as we know it

MineRP has been in discussions with Epiroc over the past months and have concluded an agreement whereby Epiroc will fully acquire MineRP (closing will be after regulatory approvals). As a mining company, our current majority shareholder (Dundee Precious Metals (TSX:DPM)) has been an exceptionally good partner, owner and incubator for our product and business strategy. They have allowed us invaluable opportunities to battle-prove our solutions inside a leading mining house.

While we remain grateful to DPM for their contribution to our destiny, they have always viewed the investment in MineRP as a means to safeguard our intellectual property and vision until MineRP could join a company with the commercial resources, market access and strategic intent required to fully realise our vision.

Epiroc, the Swedish mining and infrastructure equipment provider, is just such a company. Bringing MineRP into the Epiroc fold will create a globally competitive platform to answer the mining industry’s demand for business transformation based on digital capabilities. You can read more about Epiroc on their website at and

The combination of MineRP’s platform capabilities with Epiroc’s current investments in technologies and digital solutions delivering real-time productivity and asset tracking data has the potential to transform the way that mining enterprises plan, execute and respond to prevailing conditions at every level of the organization.

Over the next weeks and months, we look forward to clarifying the benefit that this transaction will offer to both MineRP and Epiroc’s clients. Our vision has not changed, nor has our approach to partnering and the contributors to our partner and client ecosystem, including our customer advisory board. Our platform has merely grown, and our commitment to offering value-based solutions is unwavering.


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