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Did you ever take a virtual reality tour of a mine? Now you can – your own mine!

Because multiple data sources can be brought together in MineRP’s Spatial Database, all sorts of other things become possible. In this example, the data sources are your 3D mine layout, sampling data and ventilation temperature readings. Time to create the virtual word is already down to two days and more streamlining is on the way. Visibility of updated data is instantaneous.

The link below is a short (4 minutes) video showing access into the virtual mine, then tracking your movements and ‘teleporting’ yourself to different locations (a la Captain Kirk’s ‘Beam me up Scotty’ process). Seeing the relevant data is as simple as looking at the place you want to know more about or checking the markers indicating the presence of specific data.

This is followed by the Ventilation Officer updating ventilation readings from his latest survey, using MineRP’s MineForms – all from inside the virtual world.

Thanks Andries Haasbroek - clever lad!

Want to know and see more? Contact us, and we'll set something up!

Mike Woodhall | Director, Mining Standards

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