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It's time to revitalize your mining processes.

Mining operations are fundamentally process driven, making a mine’s processes arguably one of their most important assets. MineRP recognises the critical need to effectively implement standardised processes and orchestrate interactions on a mining operation. Our MineForms solution, built on Processware from FlowCentric Technologies, goes beyond workflow and enables complete control of essential processes and data. “From simple process automation to complex data attribution and multi-disciplinary orchestration, MineForms is a cost effective solution built on the MineRP enterprise mineral resource management framework. Given the legal responsibility mines have to ensure that their processes are transparent and auditable, an integrated enterprise solution such as MineForms is essential,” explains Franco Megannon, MineRP Product Owner for workflow and orchestration. Want to know what other benefits MineRP’s MineForms can bring to your mining operations, or how we use the technology from FlowCentric? Read the complete Partnership Showcase here.

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