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10 times the difference changes everything!

TEN! 10. That’s how many times better and faster something needs to be to change the game you play. MineRP can make that big an impact on your mining information management costs and your ability to handle mine technical data over the web.


Any idea how much you paid for all those disparate mining technical applications, each serving a small piece of the mining value chain and each with its own proprietary data and file format? Well, multiply it by 10 and that’s how much you are probably paying per annum to handle your integrated information management needs. The figure of 10 comes from a mining company with 6 mines on 3 continents. Another one with 10 mines on 5 continents is luckier; they get by with 8 times. The point is it’s costing you a fortune and you may not even be aware.


10GB (10¹⁰ or 10 000 000 000 bytes) is big by any standard but small for some mine design and scheduling files. And then there’s the geology, survey and other large files all in different formats and available only to their users. So what’s the better way to manage this stuff? The answer is 1.

1 open standard, spatial database to amalgamate all the mine technical data and make it available as information to anyone who needs it; in 3D of course!


10MB (10⁷ or 10 000 000 bytes) is about the size of many company routine individual e-mail limits. Now multiply it by 50 000 – that’s half a Terabyte (5*10¹¹ or 500 000 000 000 bytes)

That’s the sort of data coming from a laser scanner in an underground excavation and requiring substantial processing to render it more useful to the miner. But not anymore! The interactive 3D image can now be delivered to your cell phone by Glassterra. How phat is that?

GlassTerra sets out to make sharing of geology and mine planning information simple for miners, consultants, advisors, analysts and software developers. Read more about Glassterra.

And finally, there are only 10 kinds of people in this world – those who understand binary and those who don’t.

If you want to know more contact MineRP…

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