Some would say 2020-ONE, but here at MineRP it's 2020-FUN!
This past year a lot has changed at work, at home and in our communities... but that won't stop us from celebrating the big and small things! From staying focused on achieving MineRP's goals, for breaking boundaries, setting new targets and reaching new highs as a company and as a family!
Let's celebrate a whole year of lockdown and may 2021 be a year where we will THRIVE!

Click here to watch our lockdown-aversary video!!

Colorful Balloons



13 March 1997 - the day MineRP was founded, and a day we will always celebrate! Just like any good old party, it is a day filled with with fun, laughter and food... but this year we had to celebrate it a bit differently!
Andy Grove once said, "There are two options; adapt or die"... and at MineRP we never say no to a challenge! Because who wants to miss out on a party??
On Friday 12 March 2021 we all joined online for a virtual party and it was great fun. We baked our own cake-in-a-mugs (the success of it is debatable), switched on our videos, learned some new things about our colleagues in small break-out rooms and played a few games. Along with the awkwardness of a video conference, I think we can all agree it was great fun! To see a few faces that we haven't seen in a long time, made it extra special and to be reassured that we are all in this together was exactly what we needed to give 2021 another run for it's money!!!






Mike Woodhall installed his own solar system, for hot water and electricity.

"The solar hot water cuts one third of our electricity usage. And the solar panels, a more recent addition, seems to cut remaining Eskom power by at least half even with the rubbishy ‘summer weather’ we’ve been having..."

Now on a sunny day the Woodhall household doesn't need Eskom anymore!


"We have extra capacity and are ready to supply power back to Eskom when they change the rules (watch the space)"

Only sunny days expected for the 


Covid Schmovid! | Stay Negative


beautiful garden

Lockdown presented many challenges, but what keeps me sane when working from home is sitting next to the window and watching the seasons change in the garden. Some of my roses gave me much to look at in spring and there was an unexpected show of Christmas roses in summer. In hard lockdown, my husband who loves woodworking was looking for a project to do and as we could not buy wood, we built a sunburst mirror from off-cuts.

An eventful lockdown for the


We all know they saying, when life give you lemons, make lemonade... and that is what they Taylor's did! They found new hobbies, renovated their garden and welcomed a daughter-in-law into their family! They prepped for the marriage reception in anticipation of family coming from the 4 corners of the globe (New Zealand, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico and Zimbabwe – oh and SA), but with lockdown it unfortunately didn’t happen.

Gary and his family bought a one-way-ticket

from South Africa to Canada

Untitled design (34).png
Untitled design (34).png


& Coffee

In our first Vibe Tribe series, we focused on our values and how we define each value within MineRP!

In our next Vibe Tribe series, we asked some of our colleagues to share their stories of how they live & experience the CHRIFTT values... because when you  share a story - spark a story!!!


Joining the

Epiroc family

Epiroc means "at or on rock", coming from Greek and Latin roots. It reflects their core business, their proximity to customers and the strength of their partnerships.


Epiroc, the Swedish mining and infrastructure equipment provider has the commercial resources, market access and strategic intent we need to fulfill our vision and expand our capabilities. Bringing MineRP into the Epiroc fold will create a globally competitive platform to answer the mining industry’s demand for business transformation based on digital capabilities.

The combination of MineRP’s platform capabilities with Epiroc’s current investments in technologies and digital solutions delivering real-time productivity and asset tracking data has the potential to transform the way that mining enterprises plan, execute and respond to prevailing conditions at every level of the organization.

Our vision has not changed, our platform has merely grown.

We always maintained that our final home must be inside a company with some very special characteristics. Please click on the image for more details about the characteristics.

"Growth doesn't come with a single action, it is the consequence of persistence, courage and hard work."