Volumetric Spatial Information Management

Volumetric Spatial Information Management is not just the work of the surveyor.  Rather, we define this as the continuous discovery of the latest state of space - planned, actual or otherise.  Also covered is the translation into standards-based 3D objects consumable by all your Mine Technical Systems to maintain a real-time digital record of your entire asset in 3D throughout its lifecycle.



The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

MineRP 4.0 offers a robust platform for managing all of your spatial information.   No more questions about versions and incompatible formats or inaccessible servers.


You need spatial intelligence to orientate, analyze and interpret the interaction of your data as its generated.  

MineRP has the features surveyors and planners need, with orchestration and collaboration tools to address workflow, 3D reporting and plotting, visualization and analysis tools for desktop, web and mobile information consumers.

Volumetric science is more than mere survey. 


It's about describing the relative position of spatial objects to such a level of accuracy and granularity that we're able to determine their 3D inter-relationships and understand the implications thereof for safe, productive mining.



Mining is a spatial enterprise, and location, volume and position determine everything!

Masses of Spatial information is generated daily - from plans and designs to CAD annotations, modern survey point clouds and photogrammetry - the list goes on and on.

Yet mines suffer information, context and intelligence losses daily as file-based interfaces between various disciplines destroy reliability and usability of the information generated in underlying systems.

Uncertainty and confusion about current and authorized files or models undermines confidence and the ability to make informed decisions