MineRP Volumetric Science

MineRP Volumetric, built on MineRP's Enterprise Spatial Integration Framework, is an enabler of Survey as an occupation. Amalgamated are functions for Surface Surveying, Open Pit Mining and Underground Mining.

Based on the principles of the digital twin, the ability to absorb data from methods such as Tapes and Ties, Points and processed Point Clouds exists. This enables users to 3 dimensionally represent workings and resulting voids as geometries and captured as entities in our spatial environment.

The principle of Planner is Survey aware and Survey is Planner aware, are used. This enables “mined to planned” scenarios.

Key Features of Volumetrics include: ​

  • Integrated tool-sets enabling users to navigate between Surface, Underground and Open-Pit functionalities.

  • Catering for legacy type solutions and leading edge technologies such as wireframes, solids and booleans.

  • Spatially positioned 3 dimensional Sampling, Stope Width Control and Blasted voids.

  • Fast and effective methods to create solids from processed point scans.

  • Automated lofting between polygons or points with the option of user intervention.

  • Filling of gaps between scans using the poly fill tool.

  • Intersect tool which enables users to do stitching between selected geometries. 

  • Slicing of solids to indicate overbreaks and underbreaks through user interfaces.

  • Ability to create UI’s from Core to meet site specific requirements in Survey.

Live Terrain

Live terrain technologies could utilize LIDAR or PHOTOS or a combination of these. The modelled object has the purpose of representing the terrain at a point in time and finding deltas between scans and between dates/times or areas of interest in support of short term mining schedules.


LTM has a dependency on the frequency of available data and is in fact mostly (NLTM) or near-live terrain models. Areas of interest include pits, stockpiles, crushers or direct feed to plants which in turn is used as a method to determine blend algorithms and to track movements of ore.

Volumetric Science

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