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MineRP Visualization and Analytics


The MineRP browser based spatial analytic and reporting products are capable of doing real-time spatial reporting and analytics of the Big Spatial Data for mining.  Whether your interest is improved operational management or executive reporting, there is always room for more accurate, timely and reliable reporting at every level of the organization.


Traditionally, reporting was restricted to charts and tables delivered at specific intervals. Mining reality dictates that information be reported spatially, on any device, at any time. MineRP’s spatial analytics and reporting products are able to consume integrated data from your entire business, enabling you to spatially visualise, analyse and even animate previously disconnected datasets in one integrated environment.


Advanced Analytics with SAP and IBM


Beyond the Spatial Analysis tools provided by MineRP, we also expose the integrated Big Data amalgamated in SpatialDB to downstream advanced analytics solutions offered by partners such as IBM, SAP and others.  This unlocks the predictive and prescriptive analytics offered by our partner organizations and allows our clients to create and implement more and better business alternatives with all the confidence that the data they used is sound and reliable.



Key features

MineRP SpatialAnalyzer is a Desktop Application, cloud enabled spatial analytics application for advanced three-dimensional analysis of spatially related data

More than merely visualizing CAD data over the web, SpatialAnalyzer boasts a fully interactive spatial query designer and visualizer developed to assist data scientists with their task. 


Integrated security means that spatial queries and scenes can be built from scratch and assigned to specific audiences, or even published to mobile-friendly interactive 3D visualizations of any given problem using MineRP SpatialPublisher. (link)

  • Full 3D environment exposing SpatialDB boolean mathematic functionalities

  • Allows for searching, filtering and annotation of data using attribute data

  • 3D Animation against any data dimension including time, classification, etc.

  • Rapid analytical scene development with your own data scientists

  • Easy publishing of scenes or filtered scenes to SpatialPublisher

  • Customizable data theming to demonstrate key data attributes / trends or groupings


Effortlessly report on your mine’s operational and planning data with SpatialDash.  Create and report on spatial areas, set up customizable KPI’ boundaries for reporting, workflow and more. 

SpatialDash is a web based, cloud enabled interactive spatial dashboard application that allows users to remain on top of operational KPIs.

SpatialDash combines actual technical mine or plant graphics with spatially related key performance indicators displayed as spatially located real-time graphs and charts. Users can interrogate their business information by navigating their operation spatially, or searching for known business entities (workplaces, properties, plants, assets etc.), adding rich visuals and creating a sense of spatial awareness linked to standard reporting data.

With SpatialDash, users can create rules that combine data from a variety of disciplines, set conditions to this data, and display any exceptions, high or low areas etc visually in space.  For example, one may configure SpatialDash to highlight any area with a given geological characteristic where safety related incidents have taken place in a certain period

Key features

  • Centralized solution allowing all spatial data to be viewed in one location

  • Customizable data theming to demonstrate key data attributes/trends or groupings

  • Role-based reporting dashboard with built in workflow

  • Searching, filtering and annotation of data using attribute data

  • Rapid reporting and improved analytical reporting



SpatialPublisher gives you relevant information at your fingertips with unlimited shared interactive visualizations on any device you choose – desktop or mobile.

SpatialAnalyzer allows for a very technical subject matter expert to build scenes of 3D data which can then be analysed.  SpatialPublisher was created for the purposes of sharing such scenes with business users who do not have access to, or the skills to use the full power of SpatialAnalyzer, but still needs access to the 3D scene that was created to demonstrate a given concept.


Given the high demand for accessing 3D spatial scenes on mobile and other devices, SpatialPublisher was designed to be fully Web based and browser agnostic – meaning that it will run on any tablet, smartphone or computer of your choice.

Key features

  • Ultra light Bandwith Footprint.  Used to gigabyte-sized mining technical datasets or videos?  That’s all in the past.  SpatialPublisher gives you rich visualizations and interactivity without the associated large data overhead and cost.

  • Out with Videos, in with Spatial Interaction. SpatialPublisher lets you swipe, zoom and annotate scenes and share your input as you interact with shared scenes on your iPad, tablet, PC or smartphone.

  • Fast 3D CAD Translation.  Support data conversion, interrogation and sharing of over 20 popular CAD formats, with access to complete model intelligence including assemblies, parts, model structure, PMI and metadata.



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