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Land Mining

MineRP & VBKOM Partnership

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VBKOM is a respected engineering consulting firm with Manie Kriel at the helm. Our partnership entails embedding the MineRP on-tap schedule optimisation services (branded as Elytica, an online service platform hosting APIs to integrate and employ complex mathematical algorithms) into VBKom’s consulting offerings to market.

VBKOM’s mining technical, management consulting and financial modelling capabilities and expertise, together with Elytica’s Optimization Services, and facilitated by MineRP’s platform integration capability will solve many challenges faced by the mining industry.  

Elytica’s focused approach to mathematical optimisation, combined with VBKOM’s multi-disciplinary mining consulting capabilities will overcome limited silo specific objectives commonly found in other approaches and is also more easily tailored to suit a smaller scale enterprise. 

Elytica provides Optimisation as a Service. Optimisation is a mathematical concern, computing intensive and when done by using the Elytica methodology together with VBKOM’s and MineRP’s capabilities, drives strategic objectives by prescribing the best course of action on an operational level. 

Elytica translates data (sequence, constraint and financial) into mathematical models, separate from the optimisation solvers, which provide solutions. 

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