Aligned and integrated production planning and financial control

Confident, real-time, transparent mineral asset management

Enterprise wide, digitally enabled production execution and control

Digital orchestration of all capabilities to execute work in intelligent workplaces making up intelligent mines

Agile, integrated technical, financial and logistics planning at all levels of detail

Spatially unifies fragmented Mining Technical Systems and domains


Unified Spatial Information Management

The MineRP browser based spatial analytic and reporting products are capable of doing real-time spatial reporting and analytics of the Big Spatial Data for mining.  Whether your interest is improved operational management or executive reporting, there is always room for more accurate, timely and reliable reporting at every level of the organization.


Traditionally, reporting was restricted to charts and tables delivered at specific intervals. Mining reality dictates that information be reported spatially, on any device, at any time. MineRP’s spatial analytics and reporting products are able to consume integrated data from your entire business, enabling you to spatially visualise, analyse and even animate previously disconnected datasets in one integrated environment.


Unified Mineral Inventory Management

Understanding and describing the current and future state of a mine’s resources and reserves is complex business, and legally regulated. Which means mines have to be able to back up what they tell the market.  Which means they do it only once a year, make all the promises they need to make, and wait for next year’s reconciliation to tell them how far they got it wrong. Enter impairment and other swearwords.

Classification and evaluation of resources and reserves (the mine’s biggest asset!), is based on highly technical calculations by clever people who rely on a multitude of non-integrated, non-synchronized data-sets for input. It’s hard and takes a lot of time!


Other industries use ERP systems to manage their inventory, because ERP systems enable best practice for production-, logistics- and financial asset accounting practices and processes.


We’ve already told you that MineRP integrates all the technical data, and knows the current state and status of the mine at any time.  Now we’ve gone that one step further and patented (yes, it’s only ours!) a system that allows mines to have on-demand access to their current and future resource and reserve positions! 

Complicated things like resource to reserve conversion forecasts and the continuous re-classification that happens as budgets, plans, actuals, sampling, drilling, inspections and evaluation takes place can now be expressed in real time as ERP-like materials management transactions. Long sentence.  Read it again – it’s that good.

Unified Mineral Inventory Management (UMIM) Papers:


Unified Business Planning

Mine planning is not business planning. You need the geologist and the engineer and the accountant and the supply chain manager and the plant manager to agree.  And it should not take weeks or months.

MineRP’s Unified Business Planning solution includes native integration between Mine Planning and Business Planning (ERP financial enumeration of mine plans).

MineRP and global ERP provider SAP have joined forces in a SAP Co-Innovation Laboratory program to extend mine designs and schedules through detailed financial and operational planning in SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) into SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation) - ready for production execution and control.

The bi-directional capabilities of MineRP UBP allows mines to rapidly adjust mining schedules, or even designs to respond in real-time to the changing demands of grade, quality, volume and the constraints implicated by downstream processes including plant or logistics capacity, availability of capital, market demand signals etc.

Unified Business Planning Papers, Use Cases & Case Studies:

Unified Production Planning

Miners are good at planning.  So are asset managers, maintenance people, HR managers, health and safety people, ventilation engineers and the list goes on.  What they’re all truly bad at, is planning together.  Which boils down to a lot of shouting in the mine – and the loudest voice normally wins.

We all know that alignment of schedules is the basis for enterprise wide control. Our Platform is really good at integrating with other systems, so we can help you to integrate the capabilities (i.e. resources), activities (i.e. tasks) and timelines (i.e. calendars) of everyone that schedules in their own systems. 


What you get is an amalgamated Master Production Schedule containing everything that was planned by everyone. Even better – everyone can access this central schedule, and we have friends with the best schedule optimization tools in the world!


Intelligent Place of Work (iPOW)

Intelligent mines contain collections of intelligent places of work, where intelligent capabilities perform planned activities at the right time, to the right quality.  Welcome to the future.  Brought to you by the Internet of Mining Things which some get right, and most don’t get at all.

MineRP Connect moves beyond the technology layer that provides connectivity and data collection. We are working to equip every workplace with an Intelligent Spatial Edge Computer.


What that means is that we see workplaces that are intelligent.  Intelligent Workplaces are aware of planned work, and continuously monitor conditions as well as compliance to plan in real time.  They’re also equipped to kick off corrective processes when things go wrong, while providing Digital Orchestration Centers with immediate access to everything that happens underground. We think workplaces should be mandated to process some events directly without flooding the network to get a decision made elsewhere.


Unified Production Management

Lots of people communicate digitally with diggers and loaders and call themselves digitally transformed.  Unifying production means that beyond establishing a technical digital twin for the mine, we also want to track the costs, logistics and other metrics that pertain to each task.

Everyone is talking mechanization and automation – which means everyone needs an effective way to digitally orchestrate the tasks they have planned.  Traditionally, ERP systems are brilliant at this, because they have nice recipes for each task, and know just how much ingredients are required, what these things cost, and when they should be available.


During planning and execution, MineRP works with partners like SAP to extend production orders with all the processes that work so well into the daily tasking of equipment, teams and other resources.  Here’s how it works:  If the job is in the ERP, we can use its logistics and supply chain wizardry to ensure everything else is available on time, properly maintained, people are trained and licensed and so on. 

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