Unified Business Planning

Unified Business Planning is achieved when the financial planning projections are digitally enabled, largely  automated  and  seamlessly integrated with a digital operating plan to facilitate continuous revision, validation and financial assessment of operating variances and changes. 



The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

Mine Planning is not Business Planning! 


Executives have to deliver technical and financial plans that are fully aligned at every level of detail.


Developing and revising planning options for evaluation should be fast and accurate in order to address the variability introduced by fluctuating demand, commodity pricing or unexpected geological reality alike.


Unifying the worlds of the CFO and COO means accurate forecasting, informed executives and boards, and ultimately happy investors.

MineRP’s Unified Business Planning solution includes native integration between Mine Planning and Business Planning (ERP financial enumeration of mine plans).


We've gone as far as patenting a way to translate each mining activity (planned and actual) into the related transactions it represents in the ERP. That way you remain in control of both the technical and commercial aspects of your business from the same plan.


You'll dramatically improve your ability to create rapid technical and financial mine planning alternatives - without rewriting your ERP.  

The complexities of traditional mine planning means long planning lead times.  Practically - most mining executives have to make do with one plan per year.


Developing options and scenarios is impractical at best and impossible for most, so when a budget year starts the mine plan is already outdated!


The lack of integration between the financial and technical plans means that changes are often implemented on the financial plans without validation of their technical feasibility - or the other way around.