How Terrative Digital fits with MineRP

Incubated by Dundee Precious Metals (DPM), Terrative Digital had the vision to take the lid off the mine through innovative digital connectivity technologies.  Implemented at DPM 's world-renowned Chelopech mine, Terrative quickly became known as a leading contender in wireless underground connectivity, tracking and communication solutions.


The combination of MineRP and Terrative in 2017 provided a unique opportunity to deliver a digital Internet of (Mining) Things platform seamlessly integrated with MineRP 4.0.  Moving beyond the initial strategy of delivering the connected mine, MineRP and Terrative deliver a fully integrated digital platform for millisecond mining in intelligent workplaces.

From Connected to Intelligent Mines

The Intelligent Mining Platform that goes beyond connection and collection

Mines are bombarded with messages about the need to digitize workplaces in order to gain visibility and control of operations. MineRP Connect moves beyond the technology layer that provides connectivity and data collection and harnesses these capabilities to provide real-time, enterprise solutions for the modern digital mine.


Spatial Edge Computing in the Workplace entails:

  • Digital execution in connected workplaces

  • Orchestrating execution between the Workplace, Person, and Equipment

  • Decentralised computing for real-time decision making based on continuous digital feedback in the workplace

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