Spatially Intelligent Digital Twin of the Enterprise​

Digital Twins are all the rage.  MineRP defines a digital twin as a fully described digital instance of the physical assets and connected processes of your organization.  MineRP enables a 3D, spatially intelligent digital copy of the state and status of the operation and its assets.

The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

Mines generate a lot of data, in a lot of fragmented mine technical systems serving expert professional discipline-specific scientific purposes.


Unfortunately, sharing the data that exists for downstream or upstream processing or analysis largely remains a nightmare - especially when you use systems from multiple software suppliers.


What this means is that no single view of enterprise data exists, and key intelligence remains trapped in unstructured data and lost when translated to other systems.


Adding to the complexity of fragmented technical data, financial and technical domains are also poorly aligned and not integrated.


The nett result? Unacceptable decision making lag at all levels of planning and execution.

Digitally coupling the virtual and physical worlds presents the opportunity to monitor assets, analyze data and apply intelligence at every point in the flow of operations.

Intelligently using data allows us to head off problems before they occur, avoid downtime, develop new opportunities and even plan for the future by simulating alternative realities and strategies.

A  spatially intelligent digital twin of the mining enterprise adds the critical dimensions of absolute and relative locations of assets to each other, unlocking many opportunities for cross-domain collaboration to decrease risk and improve operational efficiency.

The MineRP Platform brings together all the technical data created on a mine in a single place, so you can analyse it or view it as a picture – just like the engineers do on the plans in their boardrooms.


With all your data standardised and spatially referenced in a 3D digital twin of the resource and mining operation, turning data into insight and trackable action is possible at last.


Beyond technical integration, seamless platform to platform integration with other platforms like Scada, IIoT and commercial ERP solutions comes with the package.