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MineRP & Deloitte Go Beyond Mining at Indaba 2021

In the third iteration of the Deloitte Intelligent Mining Solution, MineRP and Deloitte combined forces again to showcase their Digital Mining Capabilities.

This year Deloitte focused beyond mining and launched their Intelligent Operations Suite and together with MineRP focused specifically on the concept of concurrent integrated planning.

The message delivered was one of comprehensive, collaborative, and continuous planning that addresses both the technical aspects of mining where MineRP took the lead, as well as the financial side of mine planning which was provided by Deloitte.

Deloitte specifically created this solution using the MineRP Platform, Anaplan for financial forecasting as well as SAP S4 HANA. Andries van der Berg, Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting South Africa and Empie Strydom, Vice President for Marketing from MineRP demonstrated the capability provided by the solution to respond to external market conditions by rapidly generating detailed production plans and schedules with integrated financial, logistical and support alternatives. This was done against a backdrop of a simulated mining business experiencing an unexpected downward adjustment in their forecasted commodity price.

Specific to the MineRP part of the solution was its ability to receive new economic and content desirability parameters and constraints from the financial planning tools to rapidly analyze optimal mining areas and generate optimized minable shapes that would fit the parameters provided. MineRP also showcased its capabilities to create fast parametric mine plans to the specification of the mineable shapes and mining method, and to create an optimal mining schedule representing the adjusted mine plan.

A key part of the solution was to demonstrate the capability to obtain a Master Business Schedule. The Master Business Schedule contained not only the production schedule activities, but also activities scheduled by other planning domains such as asset maintenance, health and safety inspections, HR and training certifications, hoisting schedules and so on. This Master Business Schedule represents a breakthrough in the ability to provide operations with a believable, feasible and achievable short-term plan.

Lastly, the team demonstrated how the MineRP Work Manager Solution enabled seamless integration with SAP through remote process automation where process orders were automatically generated and continuously updated with automated production feedback into the schedule and SAP.

For more information about what we demonstrated at Mining Indaba 2021 please contact Empie Strydom from MineRP at


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