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MineRP & partners Open Day - South Africa

​MineRP and partners SAP, IBM and Sandvik, WITS mining school, and TUKS mining school, had a great open day for MineRP clients in South Africa yesterday. This open day forms part of MineRP's current 'mining world-tour' where we started in Latin America in April, and will be ending off in Australia in June.

We were very privileged to have over 100 clients, many at mining executive and CIO levels, and heads of planning, that attended. Our partners did a great job in demonstrating what the ecosystem can do jointly to bring digital transformation to mining, to allow it to thrive in times such as we find ourselves in now.

Yesterday we announced the final beta release of the MineRP Planner, which uses back-end data driven configurable rules to speed up mine design, from 3-7 weeks, down to ½ a day. This obviously will have a knock-on effect into the business planning practices, from the today situation where business planning can be done once a year, as the full cycle of mine-planning to business-planning were based on 6 weeks+ work, to a new process, where we can generate multiple plans, based on multiple scenarios, and tested in comparison to one another. Re-optimization, and re-scheduling can then for instance be done, based on changes to metal pricing down to quarterly basis!

Shown in the picture, is me in my presentation slot, "Crossing the chasm between the science of mining, and the business of mining", with the slide showing how we need to integrate mine planning, and business planning, in order to improve scenario planning, and optimization.

It was a privilege to present to the South African clients with our partners, thank you all!

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