Short Term Production Scheduling

Short Term Scheduling is an art.  MineRP's Unified Production Planning aggregates and aligns the diverse schedules and demands on your operational resources, while simultaneously delivering a feasible schedule to reliably reach quantity and quality targets.

Close the loop between Short Term Planning and Operational Execution right now.  


The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

With MineRP, your short term schedulers can consider the latest mining conditions, maintenance demands, HR, health and safety, logistics and other constraints to create mathematically optimised master business schedules to deliver on agreed production targets. 

Unlike other schedulers, MineRP Planner's Enterprise Production Scheduler retains the spatial linkage to mine designs, geological and survey objects - which means that all your schedules can be visualised, animated and compared in 3D over the web or the mobile platform of your choice.

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Too many cooks spoil the broth.  And too many planners create chaos.  Mines today struggle to reconcile fragmented detailed schedules in the different disciplines such as production, maintenance, quality, inventory etc. 


This leads to conflicting assignments for the same pool of resources and workplaces.   To make things worse, there's also a disconnect between planning horizons (strategic, business and operational) and levels of detail in the competing schedules.

Competing demands confuse planners and operators alike, and accurate feedback becomes impossible.  


Mines need Short Term Schedules that are continuations and refinements on longer-term plans, not disconnected from previous commitments.

Effective Production Supervisors operate from Master Business Schedules onto which all of the diverse immediate demands, schedules and constraints of the operations has been unified. 

Moreover, planned work should be seamlessly dispatched for execution, monitoring and dynamic adjustments where required to remain on target - not after the shift, but in real time.  In the modern mine, execution scheduling against the agreed plan is an ongoing activity.