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Continuous Data Collection

& Tracking

Short Interval Control without digitally tracking current conditions and task progress is a myth.  Beyond collecting data, efficient mines are able to summarize information about materials consumed, resources used to produce ore and other relevant production data for real-time and post-shift analysis.  


Knowing whether resources are deployed and active in the right spatial locations, and continuously learning about the status of the space and work is the foundation upon which all descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and even cognitive platforms are built.

The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

Modern mines are highly competitive operations.  Whether competing externally against other mines providing similar products or internally for operational recognition, it is the smart mine that attracts the smart investor's money.


Smart mines continuously monitor the status and condition of people, equipment, tasks and workplaces.  This keeps everyone informed of immediate progress, and also maintains safe and efficient workforces.


Consolidated control gives digital orchestration centres the ability to make mid-shift adjustments and kick off pre-emptive actions to improve utilization and throughout by avoiding delays, downtime and wastage. 

The advent of the fourth industrial revolution has brought with it an explosion in Industrial IoT solutions, promising real-time access to the status of work, worker and workplace alike.


With this explosion in available data sources also comes the immediate need for an integrated view on real-time progress.


Today, many people have many viewpoints on individual processes and sensors, but very few are able to consolidate the noise into valuable insight.


In underground mines, there's an additional problem - getting the data generated by sensors and other IoT devices to smart edge computers or centralised control centres in a connectivity-poor environment.


MineRP Connect is a collective name for a set of technologies that provide the last leg connectivity to the face as well as decentralised, edge-based computing. 


With MineRP Connect, Short Interval Control solutions are immediately able to contextualise IIoT-based real-time data against:

  • The 3D spatial origin of the data

  • The short term schedule outlining the planned work

  • The individual tasks orchestrated via smart/digital operations centres on the surface


MineRP takes care of the platform to platform integration between your Mining Technical Systems, ERP, IoT Platform and even the Physical control systems on digitized equipment.