Real-time Operational Adjustment

The 4th Industrial Revolution promises radical changes to the way mines can be operated.  While many solutions focus on data collection and analysis, MineRP 4.0 integrates continuous data collection solutions into a platform that enables fast, accurate adjustment or re-planning and digital orchestration of work.


With advanced Master Business Planning and real-time schedule mediation between planning, execution, dispatch and digital feedback, MineRP is your partner of choice for effective short interval control.



The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

  • Bringing all data together in one spatial oriented environment using:  ​

  • MineRP Connect allows for the connection of the control environment with the face and enables the moving of (rules based) decision- making capability closer to source allowing for immediate response to changing conditions.​

  • MineRP Work Manager enables the tracking and adjusting of the assigned activities ​

  • MineRP Enterprise Production Scheduler (EPS) provides the backdrop for the Master Business Schedule

Operational activities are planned in Short Term Planning tools that often do not consider all of the demands and constraints that exist outside of the production schedule.


To make things worse, operational planners rarely have real-time access to critical information such as equipment and team locations, readiness and current task progress. 


Operational disruptions and changing conditions are seen in isolation and the impact of an adjustment on the whole operation cannot be easily simulated.


All this means that the real-time adjustment and micro-planning required to fully enable successful short interval control is severely limited.  

Efficient operations thrive when the short term plan, work execution systems and real-time data collection platforms are harnessed to deliver an integrated whole.


Transforming operations means strengthening decisions made at the face through the assistance of digital orchestration centres.


Digital Orchestration harnesses the experience of subject matter experts with access to an integrated view of the organization's data, and the tools needed to simulate, select and implement the continuous adjustments required to remain on schedule during the shift.


Successful mines remain continuously informed of real world conditions, disruptions and performance.  They harness technology to be responsive and make informed, value-adding operational calls on the fly.