Multi-Discipline Spatial Integration

MineRP Architecture & Integration

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MineRP Solution

Building Blocks


MineRP has invested heavily in the development of a set of Foundation Building Blocks (FBBs) and Solution Building Blocks (SBBs). These FBBs and SBBs combine together as enterprise building blocks of our various solutions.


All MineRP’s products are designed to inter-operate natively onto the MineRP spatial platform, or plug in your own software on our platform to integrate your entire mining technical domain.


MineRP SpatialAnalyzer
MineRP SpatialDash
Spatial Database
MineRP MineForms
MineRP SpatialVisualizer

323 Proprietary formats


Spatial database

Spatial Information


Spatial Big Data

Spatial Big Data Integration

MineRP Core manage configurations,settings, security and definitions of entities

A central administration portal for managing configurations, settings, security, definitions of entities, rendering rules and libraries related to your mining technical data in MineRP

MineRP MineForms capturing attribute data related to elements hosted in MineRP Systems

A business process modelling tool for Workflow and creating of rich Data Capturing inputs for adding attribute data related to data elements hosted in MineRP systems

Volumetric Science.png

Complete management of all your spatial data and calculations. Includes mine survey tools for capturing, mapping, calculating surveys, station calculations and mapping and calculating of measured volumes, compliance and planned vs actual reconciliations

Third party expert or standalone systems integrated with the MineRP Platform through MineRP InterOp.

MineRP Planner, Mine Design, sequencing and scheduling

Fully parameterised mine planning including Design, Sequencing and Enterprise Scheduling for all mining methods and commodities - surface and underground.

Multi-objective schedule optimization and integrated schedule visualization included.

MineRP's comprehensive Draughting & CAD solution with mining specific productivity tools.  Facilitates printing, plotting and web-based publishing of views as well as workflow and authorization.

The MineRP Platform's integration and interoperability layer for data and process integration.  Standardises and manages all of the fragmented, multi formatted datasets of your mine on MineRP's Standards-based platform.

MineRP Explorer CAD like environment

An integrated view into all datasets hosted by MineRP systems through a CAD like database environment as configured by MineRP Core. Includes reference libraries, predefined views, layouts and predefined EAV & spatial filters

Spatial Dashboard for mining display GIS

The one-stop dashboard you need for role-based visualization of all your production, safety and other KPIs against the backdrop of your mine plan. Stop with the Excel already - see your production data on your latest mine plan.

Client preferred reporting technology that can run off the MineRP MiODS data store

MineRP MiODS operational data store for mining

Analyze, visualize, animate all your mining data in 3D in your web browser.  Share visualizations, interrogate underlying data, and compare multiple datasets in one amazing view.

SpatialPublisher gives you relevant information at your fingertips with unlimited shared interactive visualizations on any device you choose – desktop or mobile.

Spatial Database for mining specific data types

The primary storage mechanism that enables spatial capability for 2D & spatial 3D objects with extended capabilities and functions for hosting mining specific data types


An Intelligent Operational Data Store for spatial and non-spatial data that includes a Persistent Staging Area, Meta Data Dictionary that describes all data entities and Analysis Layer for creating Key Performance Indicators

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